Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Framing of Nature~ A Collage

Hello sweet people~

How are you?

( some music for you.. Brian Crain's  Summer)

I am FINALLY rested from my trip and have been successful in

fighting off a cold and stomach virus.

Life has been rich and full with 

visits, outings and celebrations.

Last Friday, three of my daughters and myself

watched Steel Magnolias and we

 had  the FuNnEsT  time....

Laughing ..crying... sitting with our mouths wide open in disbelief!

The gave me a card and the cutest little wheel barrow planter

made from rough cut lumber. It was a late Mother's Day gift.

They're so sweet

I will share that later.


Today, Id like to show you all this little framed project using a few 

collected treasures from nature.

I painted my thrifted picture frame.
First I dry brushed the frame with Vintage White acrylic.

Then by mixing some paints, I created some colors that matched

and softly brushed and blended them together in a few places

on the frame to add a few highlites.

 French sheet music seemed a wonderful background for these natural beauties.

And here I share ONE of my treasure boxes filled with

collected treasures. Aren't treasure boxes so much fun?

I have several different kinds.

Special cards and notes..

Bits of papers from special events

and trips and places.

Trinkets... jewelry..

Do you have special treasures that you've kept tucked

away in a special place?
A beautiful, dried rose resting atop an old weathered bone.. 

It seems kind of strange but maybe they are a perfect contrast

of thought and substance~


Life is such a wonder and I've been enjoying it so much.

And of course there are the bumps too.

But they make us stronger and cultivate compassion in our hearts.

 And still, there's such beauty that surrounds and amazing people to celebrate.

And here we go into the next season of this year!

I hope that yours will be filled pleasures and quiet times of

resting in your special place reading or listening..

To your heart or .....

the buzzing of the bees and songs of happy birds.


Thank you for coming by!  
Sending many good wishes your way.



Kezzie said...

Oh how beautiful your collage is dear Tamara! I love it and the piano music is perfect to accompany it!

Junkchiccottage said...

Love your special boxes Tamara. I have a box with all the poems my husband has written me over the years on paper and in cards etc. Love those treasure boxes. They bring back so many good memories. Have a great rest of your week. Hope you are feeling better.

Jeff LeFevre said...

Beautiful! Such detail! You are a true artist my love! The pictures are incredible too! Especially the rose and bone. I would like to see that framed and hanging on the wall!

Wen Green said...

Beautiful collage Tamara! And I love how you painted the frame. A post filled with beauty and wonderful nature finds. I'm happy you're feeling better now! Sending you hugs and sunshine, xx