Monday, July 25, 2016

The Enchanting Forest... Will You Join Me?

Is there anything as serene as a walk through the forest?
It's one of my favorite pastimes. 
To meander while weaving my way through the trees and brambles,
being ever so careful not to step on anything precious.

Listening to the scurrying of little feet as they run and hide from the intruder!
Taking in all the sights and smells of the moist, rich earth and the life
that quietly abides there.
Wild violets cross my path 
On ventures yet I step,
Into a field (or forest) of dew 
Where once, I think I slept.

Charles D. Layne
Lesser lilac~
A happy little flower that draws you close with her 
wonderfully fragrant, aroma~
Roses in the wild..
A wild, yellow violet.
Be still my heart~
A grouping of May Apples...
Fern fronds.
Oh, aren't they just so enchanting?
Awaiting the perfect moment to unfurl their loveliness and spread open their
little wings.... Just like I would imagine
 little faeries coming out of a deep winter's sleep.

Ferns were such a big part of my pre-teen years.
I used to spend hours roaming about the woods on our 150 acre farm.
And the wooded areas were always my favorite.
Delicacy on the forest floor..
Such dainty, courageous little blooms a livin' in the rough.
Do you see the face?
Ferns a lovely..
Reaching for the light
Clothed in green of bright~
Woodland Sorrel
Pink Trillium
Lovely, moss covered rocks settled by a stream in the hollow.
I love this moss as it spreads and creates a carpeted resting place on the forest floor.
What's left of a tree from ages past.
And it offers a break from the wind to the wild rose bush.
Last years leaves still clinging to the tree.
Hello...Anybody home? 
Mr Groundhog is most likely out gathering his dinner!
We shall call again later for a visit.
And who could forget the Dazzy Dills?
That's what my little grand-daughter calls them ;)
Such vibrant yellow flowers and fuzzy headed relatives!
How beautiful! 
Such perfection with it's tiny, charming purple blossoms.
And all nestled next to the fallen tree that
used to be home for several woodpeckers.
And possibly some 
friends of theirs as well.

Taking strolls through the woods is such a rich experience.
The tranquility is amazing indeed as the forest showcases her 
prized possessions. 

I hope you enjoyed your walk. 
It's in the forest at our Sugartree place in Ohio.
It's one of the reasons that I love to visit there and I'm grateful
to be surrounded by so much beauty and the blessing of being able to 
lose my inside it!

A happy Monday to you and a beautiful rest of the week.
May we find enchanting moments wherever we are!

Much Love,
Tamara XO

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Christine said...

what a delight! There is nothing like a walk or rather an adventure inn enchanted wild woods!
I can't believe how similar this woods looks compared to my favourite wild woods close to me!
We see and thrill over such similar beauties!
It was wonderful to walk today with you!
Best wishes