Tuesday, January 21, 2014

To Define and Re-Define : It's A Learning Process

Hello all. It's another too gorgeous day here at our mountain. home. The weather has us all wishing for flakes from heaven. Charlotte is even wearing her snowman earrings. We resort to anything that we have with snowflakes and add it to our prayers. We like to think that it works. ;)

My thoughts have been focused a lot of on my vision
 and goals for the......

 dream that is being fashioned and defined
in my mind and heart.

I am inspired by..so many things

Soft neutrals mixed with a touch of  beautiful,
cornflower blue and faded pinks.
 Soft, textured flowers and frayed edges that
look worn and loved by the passing of time.

And paper..
Pearls and lace draped and gathered with ruffles together with
 time-weathered barn wood.

I'm learning to understand .....

what's in my heart and how to let it spill
out from my hands and create.
It's inspired by:
 the richness of life ...the abundance of beauty...
people's stories
and lifestyles..
The other day, on Amazon, I ran across a book.
It was called:
Rachel Ashwell Couture Prairie: And Flea Market Treasures

I LOVED it! 
I stopped to think and it made me
laugh; it made me see
how long it has taken me to settle on just WHAT it
is that delights my heart and inspires me.
My life has been so full of homeschooling, putting my heart and
hands to work in our busy home of 11. My husband and I also lead
 praise and worship at community events and in our church. And teaching Sunday school
in the mornings, and wrangling the youth
at our church kept us hopping for sure!

It was all very fun, fulfilling and
I learned so much!

Gratitude fills my heart when I think of how God
allowed us to be used in these ways and for how
it enriched MY life. The time was blessed
though sometimes crazy!

But you can understand, I didn't have much time to
think about the things
that were waiting to be created or decorated!
Though, we did encourage the children to work with their hands and 
nurture the gifts and talents that they had
Our life itself was a tapestry of
creativity as each day unfolded in our rambling,
country home.

 Now the season has changed and I still
want every area of my life to be a star shining with....

Encouragement... Blessing...

but through another means.

When I first began realizing my dream of designing crafts and
 decorating, I was intrigued by the Primitive
designs. I was drawn by the rustic look... weathered wood...
the homespun and stained fabrics.
The kind of historic charm and homey warmth
that comes with it all.
And just plain country.

 Though there are some
fabulous artists and it's full of warmth, 
Primitive just isn't me.

I'm sure my tastes and style will continue to transition as God

and others inspire and help me to define and re-define
who I am on the inside and out.

It's been (can be) discouraging at times feeling like I
would never quite find the resting place.
But there are some things I've learned:

*Always, ALWAYS enjoy every step of the way*

*Remember that everything I'm experimenting with
adds to my knowledge*
(Or, it's ALL good.)

*It's never too late to begin something new or change directions*
(Life is an ever-changing progression of seasons.)

*Always take time to encourage others*
(Whether a heart is seasoned or brand new,
each one is uplifted by a little sunshine.)

*Be grateful for every seemingly small accomplishment*
(Don't let the numbers influence me. This is about beauty
and a genuine, creative spirit.)

*Show appreciation to those whom I have learned from
and continue to be an encouragement to me.
They are so gracious. BLESS them!* 


I'm excited about what's to come and thankful
for the privilege of the all that's gone before.

I hope you are inspired and fulfilled ..
Wherever you are in your pilgrimage.

Blessings and a hug to you,



The Polka Dot Closet said...

It's all a learning process, be patient with yourself. I find such happiness is crafting and painting, such a feeling of fulfillment...I am wishing you the same


Tamara said...

Thank you so much for your kind, encouraging and wise words, Carol. It's wonderful that you are happy and fulfilled! Your work is beautiful and you're so talented. Your posts are so fun and full of great tips.

Tamara <3