Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Five "Turn-Around" Thoughts to Help You Succeed

Hi.. I hope you're having an " I Can" day. What exactly does that mean? I'll try to explain. Maybe you want to grab a nice hot cup of something to drink. I don't know about your homeland, but many are experiencing VERY cold temps right now. This morning on our little mountain, it was 11 degrees!

When you think about how you feel about what you want to accomplish...

                                           Are you.....

                                     discouraged before you even start or do you think...

What an opportunity.
I'm so excited about getting started.
There's nothing gonna stop me now!
I am not one of those who always know where I'm going, how I'm going to get there or WHY. However, I usually do. Most of us know our own minds and what we want to be about.  Mostly..

There are always things that are changing and that we are learning.


I just miss it or I allow something to influence me that I shouldn't have.

If I'm feeling confused or inferior, it's because I've allowed myself  to start believing my

own  {misconceptions.}

        I think too much.

                And this is something that I have battled on a regular basis...

But...I have been able to pinpoint at least some of the things that can catapult me right to discouragement.
                                If I allow them to.

And so... I'm working at turning those things around.  YAY!

Here goes: 
1) Thinking about myself as just as capable as the next person.  
( NOT... comparing myself to the practically perfect.
Which I KNOW does not exist but rational thinking sometimes has wings!) 
2) Trusting my own judgment. ( NOT... second-guessing myself.
I have talked myself out of countless GOOD decisions!)
3) Seeing failure or mistakes as OK and part of the process.( NOT... giving up too quickly. Allow myself  grace... and lots of it!  This is
supposed to be fun. Maybe even laugh a my mistakes.
 Remember Thomas Edison's MANY ways NOT to make a light bulb?)
4)Accepting and moving on. ( NOT... dwelling way too long
on things that I can't change. No matter WHAT it is, I'll get through it!)
5) Keeping the "racket" of life to a quiet hum. (NOT allowing technology, cares,
etc, to rob my heart, mind, home or life of quality, beauty or quietness. )
There have been WAY too many times that I have exhausted myself by allowing
myself to be over-stimulated or negatively influenced.

So there they are and I am resolved.  And I plan on having MANY more "I CAN" days!

And I am convinced that my help comes from the Lord.   Who made the earth...

          Your list is very likely different from mine. But the desire to accomplish your dreams or live your life in a meaningful way is probably very similar to mine~

 He fashioned you and me. He knows what we want and what we need.
                                                 He delights in each of us and wants us to succeed. 

Blessings to you and best wishes for all that you do to grow and prosper~

Here's a little video...JUST for fun! Don't worry.. it has a happy ending!

We can!

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Jeff LeFevre said...

That is a great post! Have you ever thought of writting a book? You have so much wisdom and insight that would help so many to live a fuller, richer life! If only they would slow down and listen.......