Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Images of November And Wishing You Many Days of Thanks

Hello friends...
and goodbye November

It was a particularly beautiful November
this year. And I spent as much time out
as I could. We usually lose our leaves
very early due to high country frosts but this
year for the first time we saw ...
LEAVES on snow. 
It was very beautiful. 

And so I just wanted to share with
you some of my favorite moments as this 
November fades into December and ultimately
a brand new year....
which will come bringing a beauty all it's own.

I'm also sharing some of the ways that I brought some 
of the gorgeousness inside our home. 
They bring such a pleasure as I decorate and 
share with my family and friends!
Warning :) 
There are quite a few photos.


Gold painted garlic seed heads.

I hope you are all happy at your work..
whatever that is. 
I realize that many people don't celebrate
Thanksgiving the traditional American way.
Sometimes my thinking is so small
and I don't see past my own life and ways.
But I'm trying and learning.

Whatever you do this last week of
November, I pray blessings of peace and 
and a bounty that graces your life in every way.

Thank you so much for coming by!

I'll be back next week to share a little 
about the craft show and my Christmas projects that
I've been working on.

Tamara XO

Friday, November 20, 2015

Vintage Suitcase Makeover Into Shabby Craft Show Sign

Hello Everyone..

I've been getting ready for the craft show this weekend.
I have been so busy but I wanted to share
with you all this little project

I found this vintage 60's suitcase at a thrift for 
2 dollars. It was an ugly blotchy gray.
I have misplaced the photo of it's original color.
But here it is primed and ready to paint.
 The name of my business is 
The Shabby Gypsy.
I had ordered this Genie font
stencil and thought it would be perfect for
the lettering style that I wanted.

I had originally wanted to hand paint it.
I even drew the letters on but decided it would 
take too long as I'm still learning
the hand-lettering techniques.

Well then I had to figure out how to get the pencil
off! I tried erasing it. But that didn't 
work very well. So I tried
the Mr Clean Magic Eraser. 
It was a life saver!
I just rubbed the pencilled letters
with a baby wipe to moisten the writing
and then rubbed the Magic Eraser 
over it. I had it all off in ten minutes!
I was so thankful!! 
 Here's the work in progress.
I had a lot of fun making the shabby flower.
Here's the finished sign.
I used Calypso Sky acrylic paint for the
lettering. I then dry-brushed the letters with a little
bit of Vintage White. After that dried,
I brushed the letters with some tacky glue and
glittered them up a little.
I also used a  flourish stencil and glue to put
a pretty glittered area in the top right hand corner.

This was a fun project. And now I have a sign
to use.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
I'll be back with some photos of my projects next week.

I made some Christmas ornaments and
did some paper crafting.

Thank you for coming by.

Tamara XO

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Savoring of Fall... Sweet Alyssum: Worth Beyond Beauty

Hello Everyone...
It’s been a while since I have written a post.
I have been so very busy with
family and preparing for the
craft show this weekend.

I don't do many craft shows as yet
but hope to increase my attendance 
little by littleI keep trying.
That's the main thing.
In a couple of days,
I will be sharing some of the things that
I have been making.

And I have been working on the house
just a little. Many of our kids are coming for
Thanksgiving and all the grandkids will be here!
We are very excited about that!

There is a lot of talk about the coming holidays
and I, myself, have been working on Christmas
ideas and working on projects. 
It's all very fun and exciting!
AND the reality of blog life and creating.
( I enjoy it :)

the Christmas spirit, warmth..
the festive wrappings
and the personal, handmade gifts.
They have that home-spun
charm that keeps me in touch with
a simpler time.

But in my heart and home,
I try to keep the present sacred. 
Protecting it the best I can.
It's like living in two different worlds.

So here, I celebrate..
savor the last Sweet Alyssum of the season.
(And isn't her Zinnia friend pretty?)

In the language of flowers,
this dainty, gorgeous blossom means

~Worth Beyond Beauty~

Isn't that so very charming?
They are so gorgeous and the scent that
they offer truly is a sweet aroma.

But they are anything but delicate.
They can stand up to hardy frosts
and severe drought conditions.

A true, little lady
with a pioneer spirit.

There's a little story about these in the picture.
I searched and searched for some
at all of the big building supply stores.
And at as many nurseries as I could visit.
I was going to really stock up upon finding
how drought tolerant they are.
I had had them before but really didn't
understand their worth.

Well, there were none to be found
I searched all spring and into the summer.

After returning from Ohio, after having been
gone for 6 weeks, there was a small patch 
of about two inches wide 
growing in my whiskey barrel.

I was so excited! 
I watered them and fed them and they filled that barrel from one side to the other.

Sometimes, when I don't have
a lot of something, I tend to appreciate
it more... to protect it and really
be attentive.

There are some things that I didn't know
about this precious plant.

She's edible, belonging to
the mustard family,
contains vitamin C
and can be added to salads
or sandwiches for a spicy flavor.
I will surely try this next year!

{Before the below-freezing temperatures came,
I pulled most of them from the whiskey barrel
and put them all around the house 
in pretty bowls filled with water.
I wanted to enjoy them for as long as possible!}

Aww..the Zinnia has a heart in the center! :)

Historically, they were used to treat 
animal bites and rabies. 
The name in Greek means:
They also have a bit of  folklore history. 
{I know this is getting a bit long!}
This part is just for fun.

She is said to be protective against glamour spells and hexes.
Plant it around the house to deflect spells intended to mislead you.
The sweet scent evokes peaceful energy and emotional balance.
Wear a sprig on your lapel or in your pocket 
to calm angry encounters.
(Possible aroma therapy?)

But, sincerely..

I hope that you enjoyed 
learning about this beautiful little flower
with her delicate petals,
and delightful scent. 

And if I could, 
I would offer each of my friends
a lovely bouquet of these
special flowers.

Thank you so much for coming by. 
I wish you blessings of peace 
and a creative week.


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall's Shadowy, Sun-Splashed Mountain Evening

Hello everyone. Would you like to take a stroll with me on 
on this beautiful fall evening in the mountains?
We will start in the back yard, then wander through the 
gypsy camp and then go a little ways up into
the foothills of our mountain, 
Flat Top.

It's not really our mountain. 
It belongs to the National Forest Service.
We appreciate them allowing us 
to wander there. 
We savor it's beauty... serenity and ruggedness.
 for my collection of hearts...
October's offerings...
fall is on it's way.
 Brutus had to be in the middle as usual.
drinking in the last rays of the warm, evening sun
a path through our gypsy camp
So many happy, fall faces..
Too many Liberty shots? 
But it isn't intentional!
She seems to want to be near and
just happens to get in the photos. 
Thank you for joining me on my walk.

Beauty and blessings..
God given and meant to be shared.

Happy Wednesday