Monday, August 15, 2011

An Encouraging Message From Mike Smith

Our family recently attended the Arizona Family for Home Education homeschool
seminar. It is always a joy to be there amongst the many families who share the same
vision for discipling and teaching their children.

Mr. Mike Smith was a keynote speaker. He is the President of  Home School Legal
Defense Association.

His message was very encouraging and confirmed some of the choices that we have
made for patterning our schooling. Though we have a lot of friends who teach their
children at home, we have felt lead in somewhat of a different direction than some.
Another reason we appreciate the conference is that God speaks through those who are
chosen to bring a message.


Many years ago, we felt that God was leading us to make a change in our focus of
schooling. When we first began, it was more about the schooling, though we appreciated
the opportunity to bring more of the Bible into their schooling.

But as we grew in our vision, we began to feel that there was too much emphasis
on education. Not that education isn't important, but we felt that God and His ways
and truth needed to be the center and Godly character needed to be the focus.

Mr. Smith told a story about a woman who had purposed to homeschool her son and
her focus was going to be primarily on character. She read the classics to him and
allowed him a great deal of freedom to learn on his own and to direct his education
according to his interests.

When it came time for him to test for college, he studied a small book on grammar
and took the test. When his results were reviewed, he received a note from the school
saying that they had never had a score like his. He had achieved a perfect score.

He also told a story about a mom who was very serious about her children's education.
She had desks for them all and the desks had little flags. We all laughed at that. She had
a plan and it sounded pretty rigid.

Before school was to start, her father-in-law developed cancer. This changed everything
and for the next year, she did not teach ANY formal schooling to her children. When
the next year came around, she was prepared to test her children. Her expectations were
to have to dig out the books from the last year completed and review. She fully expected
that her children would be behind.

When they were tested, it was discovered that they had jumped ahead two grade levels.

He was not suggesting in any way that we neglect our children's education.

We obviously desire that our children have the richest educational experience

But how we go about that and where we place our trust is paramount to our

His point was that no matter what happens, we can trust the Lord. While we are busy
doing what we have to do, God is watching over our lives and ordering our steps.

God will never lead us to a place and then abandon us.

Life often times does not go the way we plan, but when we place our trust in the One
who has created out hearts and placed these visions within us, we can know without a
doubt that He will be our wisdom and guide.

 We can KNOW this because His Word tells us in Proverbs 3:5,6. Trust in the Lord
with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge the Lord
in all of your ways and He will direct your paths.


Mikailah said...

The homeschool conference sure was encouraging.. And all the teachings were so good! Thank you for sharing Mommy! :)
Love you!

Jeff LeFevre said...

Yes, it is so important that we let go and let God direct us and fill in the gaps. Great post!

Anonymous said...

great post. looks like a good teacher.

Jeff and Tamara said...

Thank you. He was. Thank you for stopping by.