Monday, September 12, 2011

Feeling Disconnected...and Vulnerable...

I am feeling very disconnected to words. Is it a dry time? I am not sure. What happens

when this occurs?

I cannot seem to focus on my topics. I sit and try to write.. I sit and and try to think.

I type and delete... type and delete...trying to make some sense of  the words.

Trying to make them connect and have meaning to me....and feel my words..

Trying to write something that will reach my readers.. touch them in some

 special way. How can I reach them when I, myself, seem so far away.. 

I am feeling numb inside..maybe that's why I can't feel the words either.. I cannot

 feel. As I was sitting here thinking, it occurred to me that I should write about that..

It is the most that I have been able to type in almost a month.

I think I understand a little. I had this idea for a post about a 2 months ago..  It was

about wanting to be real. And in that, then taking the time to feel. Feeling allows

the reality of dealing with life's circumstances. Thinking about... pondering and 

allowing oneself to walk in grace... and then, and only then, can true healing begin.

 I didn't realize that it would be the fruit of my own experience. I had it more in mind

to be that of a encouragement to others.. Maybe this will be even more encouraging..

Because it's about transparency..

I am relatively new to this. Transparency.. I am trying.

To walk there....

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