Monday, May 14, 2012


   Sometimes it is a temptation and easier to cover things over.   
 I can tell you that in my life, the cost of this practice has been great.

  It significantly weakened my relationship with my husband.  I am so thankful we have
worked through the most difficult time of our marriage and have come to a place where
our love is more deep and real than it has ever been. Our relationship is more open and
real than it has ever been. It holds the beauty of what I have always felt a marriage could be.

  Sometimes honesty hurts. We don't want to hurt those we love
and they don't want to hurt us. In withholding the truth,
we actually rob each other of  the healing and joy and depth
that is experienced in an honest relationship.

  I don't wish to simplify because there were  a lot of areas of both of our hearts that had to be
searched, understood and set free. We gave each other the freedom and grace to do this and
we had the blessing of God.  He had given us the Grace to come to the place where
we could both embrace all that we were learning.

  In this time we both experienced many revelations about living, loving and ourselves.

  Now, it truly is a new beginning. Beautiful and pure. Real... Solid ... Lasting...

  And the foundation of all of this was honesty.

{We can always be honest with God. He already knows the
depth of our heart and He loves us just the same.}

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Jeff LeFevre said...

Very well said. I treasure what we have together and believe it will get even better as life goes on. I truly have the most wonderful, beautiful wife in the world!!