Monday, May 5, 2014

A Vintage Gift Wrapping For Mother's Day

Don't you just love making someone feel special
 with a little thank you gift?
And if you're like me, the wrapping is just another
opportunity to add
a little extra-special touch
to express my love
and gratitude~
With Mother's Day coming up,
I thought that this would be a lovely, soft,
feminine way to wrap up a special
token of our affections.

 I have always believed that the role of a
Mother is sacred. There's a special place in
our heart of hearts reserved just for
the one who nurtured us and taught
us so many things about love and life.
(even in her imperfections)
 My own Mother was very
troubled and suffered from mental illness
and we had not the deepest of relationship.
I regret to say that I didn't
always value her and honor her with
the love and respect that I should have.
My lovely mother is no longer within reach.
She passed away many years ago.
But if I could only....
If I could only
give my Mother a gift today,
that's what it would be.
To honor her.
With love.. With respect.
Not only with a gift
wrapped in the vintage pattern
tied with laces and ribbon
and adorned with a stamped tag
and an angel charm.
I would hug her and tell her thank you for:
all the dinners that she cooked with love..
the life-lessons that I never forgot
how to carry myself with dignity
how to honor God
drawing and coloring with me
making the sacrifices to make sure I had
 what I needed.
I would tell her that I
loved her.
I would celebrate her.
And so much more...
When I was growing up,
I remember a plate hanging
 on the dining room wall.
It had this poem printed on it.
And all around the words were
pretty pink roses
I thought it was so special.
“To one who bears the sweetest name
And adds luster to the same
Long life to her for there’s no other
Who takes the place of my dear mother.”
Wishes for a blessed Mother's Day.
 Tamara xo
(new scanner training in process!)
My Mother and I ..1961
I treasure this photo.

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