Monday, September 22, 2014

Art Inspiration: My Journey-- Trust God's Timing In Our Lives

Hello Beautiful Ones...

Isn't it a glorious day to bring to life that
creative gift that is wanting to
burst forth with
beauty and inspiration?


Do you think it's too late?

To follow your path, somewhat obscure at times,
to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time.

To find the part of you that is waiting to be unbound by the
misconceptions of life that restrict your
thinking and doing.

And that's the part that we want to lose.

Do you look at your situation in the here and now
as if they are abstract and think that they don't fit
into the plan that you had or the
time frame within which you were hoping for
 things to happen?

Do you ever feel like time is running out?
That these things can't or haven't happened
 fast enough?

Or maybe, you're like me, and you've been busy living life.
Following through with the choices that you've made.
Being a responsible, dependable person.

Like...for the past 25 or 30 years!

And now, in the, past little while, your life has come to a point of drastic
change and you're beginning to realize that there's a you
in there that you didn't even know?

Or maybe they are dreams that were buried deep in the
 mire of yours (or someone else's) practicality.

(Somewhere in your memories of the past, you remember
getting excited about making things.

Drawing, playing music, painting
singing. Or taking sticks, feathers and colored
string..  putting it all together to make something beautiful.)

As I look backward through the windows of my childhood,
there's a little girl who used to make up songs.
Draw birds on pieces of leftover sheet rock.
Make rings out of old, pretty colored wire
that came out a telephone system somewhere.

Things that I'd forgotten, even until now!

I really wanted to be an artist.
Of the singing, drawing kind.

So, in the reality of NOW...
you have time.
To reflect.
To feel.
To breathe and just be.

 begins to awaken in your heart and soul.

A hunger begins to stir.

This has happened to me. 

And I have begun to follow the calls of my heart to
follow this path.

To unpack these treasures...these desires
that have been stored away for decades.

my hopes..

And though I feel very blessed to see my opportunities
grow and my heart become more full of ideas
and dreams,
there has been one nagging thought
that I fight often.

It seems very late.
I'm too late.
I've missed it.
I will never have enough time to do all
that I want to do.


One night, I was sharing these thoughts with my husband.
I was almost in tears and feeling somewhat bitter about it.
And admittedly, having some selfish regrets about what I had spent the last
30 years of my life doing.
(Even though I loved what I was doing.
Raising our children and teaching them at home.)

I have really have had a difficult time with this.

He assured me that my life was spent doing very worthy things
and it was all a sum of who I am.

I had my priorities right.

I fell asleep feeling more at peace.
Trying to hold on to the truth of what he had said and not be
a doubter or negative about things that I
couldn't change anyway.

The next morning,
I picked up the new magazine that I had just bought.
My favorite publications come from Stampington.

It was the most recent
 Where Women Create Issue.

I turned directly to the Barbara Rainey
article. (I am travelling and don't have that issue with me right now,
or I would share more of her lovely, truth-packed thoughts
about this subject.) 

A beautiful, Christian woman full of Godly wisdom,
wonderful talents and she also has a successful business.

She had written a quote..
Her words resonated in my heart and soul and caused
hope to spring up like a shoot

She had stated..

"Trust the timing of your life.
There is a Master Designer who
makes no mistakes."

This was for me.
 I had no doubt and I felt so

It was just what I needed to hear.
A truth that I needed to be reminded of.
I know that God in His abundant love and infinite wisdom
is ordering my steps.
And that includes my time as well.

God is ever-watching..
not in an 
'I'm going to get you for that'

kind of way but in the gentle,
attentive way that a father
watches over his own.


trust your heart.

Trust God..

and take the advice of
Winston Churchill.

Never,  Never
Give up..

Trust the process.
Keep at it.
Enjoy it.
Don't fret.
  And remember...

That He makes all things beautiful in His time.
Ecclesiastes 3:11

This is a re-peat photo.
I hope nobody minds.
But it's such a beautiful time of year.
And the flowers are so inspiring.
I hope you're touched by their beauty!
Life is good and through it all,
blessings gather.

Wishes for a wonderful week.

Tamara xxoo


Lucy Auburn said...

Tamara, I loved reading this. It has taken me a long time to get to where I am now and I remember also as a little girl making my own furniture out of corrugated cardboard because we didn't have many toys. I needed to hear this because if it was up to me I would have liked certain things to have happened a long time ago. But I have to trust in God's timing for me, not my own desires for me. Thank you for sharing! Lucy

Tamara said...

Dear Lucy,
What a blessing to have you visit and I'm so happy that you found my words encouraging. Thank you for sharing some of your story. Your work is so beautiful. I love the patina as well.