Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Give What Lasts... "Living" a Gift For Others (and Ourselves)

It's a very cold, frosty morning here in the 
White Mountains
and we've had our first snow.

This morning, I've been thinking about 
what's important to leave behind. 
I've always thought that it
 would be a good thing to 
leave some kind of legacy.

 Some strong sense of something to ground,
enrich or inspire those who follow. 
And being so close to the holidays,
I'm also considering the possibility of these things
as gifts. Something that will make 
a difference to those that I
have the privilege to encounter.

Obviously, this type of gift isn't quite as convenient 
to give as one that can 
be wrapped in pretty paper.
So, I guess, they become a challenge as
well as a gift to ourselves.
Because, in order to "give" them
we have to be living them.  
So, hmm....I guess you could call it..
"Living" a gift instead of 
"giving" a gift.   
Gift Living.   

Wouldn't it feel amazing to give something 
like this to someone
that we knew would hopefully be passed
down for generations?
We do that with heirloom pieces and 
handmade gifts. Wouldn't it be wonderful to
gift a person with some intangible "heirlooms"
as well?

Such as;
A sense of humor~ 
(Which is a little ironic.
Because I've never had one.
Hah! But I'm learning!)
What a great thing it would be to 
inspire someone
to laugh or be able to look at
circumstances from 
a "lighter perspective." 
Something that could help a person get 
through the tougher times of life.
And help someone else do the same!

There's something else that I feel
that I am having have had to "grow in to."
What a comforting thing to be on the
recipient of this loving attribute. 
Everyone needs compassion.
Kindness shown in a time of pain.
No matter what the source of that pain is.

Another name for this could be:
Problem solving.
Being a thinker and then taking it a 
step further to the "doing" stage. 
What a fun way to stretch the 
imagination and be creative!
To apply gifts... talents and knowledge.
An opportunity to learn something new!

Of course, I enjoy going to concerts, movies and
and plays. They are fun, interesting and
 enriching. However, I don't want my life to
be characterized by that.

And it's so much more satisfying to use
what I've learned and the skills that I 
have acquired to enrich someone else's life! 

Everyday is filled with multiple opportunities
to apply this or to grow in it.

These are just a few that are important to me.
You've probably thought of your own while 
reading through this.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you so much for stopping by and
have a beautiful a day!


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Monica said...

It is wonderful, and very similar to my approach to life. Much more to say, I think I'll save it for a post or something longer, where I can pause and reflet while writing, and maybe also illustrate my thoughts/feelings with images.
I simply love what you have written... and I've always thought I had no sense of humor, too!! Instead, at 40, I realized I really have a TON! :)