Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Inexpensive Christmas Decor...Silver Tray Re-Purposed With Christmas Joy


It's the season for it...

(actually, it's always a good time for spreading a little JOY!)

Several months ago, I found this pretty, little
tray at a thrift store.
It was painted white 
around the edges and the center was
was painted very sloppily with
chalkboard paint.
The cost was 50 cents.

I painted it with white, homemade chalk paint
and glittered the flat surface. 

The red ruffle that you see is made from some
red burlap that I also found at a thrift store.
I bunched it up as I attached it with hot glue.

And I used some of the threads from the burlap to make
the sweet little bow on the pinecone pick.
The cute burlap canvas was a clearance item at
Wal-mart for 1 dollar! I'm not sure
why they were on clearance but there were
several and I thought they
were a real find and so I bought 6!

The little pinecone arrangement is a pick from
 from my Michael's crafting drawer.

I dry-brushed the canvas with a little white,
acrylic paint, stenciled the
on and added a few sequence.
And lastly, I attached some
 red grosgrain ribbon for the hanger.

I didn't "go out" and buy any of this for this
little project. I just see items at thrift stores
and I often check the clearance aisles
where crafting and art supplies are sold.
It really is surprising what a person can find.

You don't need a lot of money but you
do need a little space for
keeping things on hand.

I have collected most of what I have by browsing
for bargains and unique or interesting items.
I hope that your Christmas season
has been Merry and Bright and that
your heart and home are 
full of the warmth and special
that this season brings!

Many blessings and wishes for a
beautiful, blessed Christmas.

Tamara xo

‘Fear not: for, behold, 

I bring you good tidings 

of great joy.'

Luke 2:10

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