Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Art Inspiration: My Journey .... Chasing Your Dream to Create Your Future

Hello Dear Friends~

It's been quite a while since I've shared 
anything of my soulful journey of finding my way
 along the winding path of 
this artistic and heart awakening.

It's another day and that's a good thing. 

Everyday is rich with possibilities.

Dreams and hopes fly on the wings of tomorrow ~

Tomorrows always seems so full of promise and 
it can seem easier to dream for tomorrow than
to expect reality today.

And though it's good to have hope for our dreams,


is the time to take steps toward making 

those dreams come true.

And so writes :

Victor Hugo.....
an Ohio sunset during one of my visits to my "other" home :)
isn't it gorgeous?
Are we waiting for something in our hearts to be born?

Maybe the birth has already begun.

 A dream can seem very elusive.

Appearing...fading..again and again..

I used to think of it all in terms of

"the being there."

Do you allow yourself the grace for the process?

 The learning of the skill...or the honing of a talent?

Are you thinking of everything little
seed that you sow to get there as a
 part of the beautiful process?

Is it protected by keeping the long-term hopes
in perspective. Are the tender shoots
allowed to grow in the light without being over-shadowed
by the pressure of expectations and the road ahead?

We stay focused.
Guarding that dream with all
the passion of a mother watching
over her babe as it grows.

We run after it every day,
never letting it out of our sight.
Learning how to nurture it in the every day and
adding to it's growth and strength.

Pushing through the hard things.
Remembering that there will be set backs.
Unexpected hardships and disappointments will come.
These things that seem to resist us will only
make us stronger.

Watching step by step.
 Recognizing the beauty as it unfolds before us. 
As the truth of what's in our hearts
begins to shine through the glory of what He
enables us to create with our hearts and our hands!

Always keeping the faith that we are being 
guided by The One Who
inspires and directs our paths.

If you are on a similar journey,
I would love to hear about your revelations. 
And ways that you have overcome as well as 
the beauty that grows in your heart and life.
I know there are so many different ways of expressing 
the passion and beauty that wants to
 overflow from a life!  

My admiration and respect grows for those
who are able to truly listen and stay true to
their hearts and course!

Wishing you blessings and beauty
for the rest of your week~

And always,
thank you so much for coming by. 
I appreciate your visits and comments so much!

Tamara xo



Seawashed Living said...

Thank you Tamera for visiting my blog. What a beautiful heart you have. I think I am in the staying the course, remaining steady place in my life with my art. I have waited my whole life to be in this place. There is much peace.

Stephanie said...

Lovely Tamara, how I appreciate and enjoy your lovely posts. You have a gift with words, my friend, and the way you write seeps straight into my heart.

Beautiful thoughts... I loved the quote from Victor Hugo :) Love and hugs to you, dear one!

Tamara said...

Thank you, Friend...
And what a beautiful place for you to be.. The peace that you speak of is evident in your writings and images. Blessings to you..

Tamara <3

Tamara said...

Stephanie..your words always encourage my heart. Thank you for coming by and brightening up my day..
Blessings to you..

Wilma said...

Thank you so much, dear Tamara, for your beautiful words !!
They are so true. I love how you can find words to describe such a delicate process.

Thank you for sharing you precious thoughts !

Love and Hugs, Wilma.

Tamara said...

Thank you Wilma for your visit and kind words. You’re such a sweet friend. I like the way you view the artistic journey as a delicate process. It truly is! Have a blessed and beautiful weekend, My Friend.

Love and hugs,