Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year's Wishes With Love and Remembrance

Happy Greetings!

It seems like forever since I've been
 really connected here.
But it has been a glorious 
season for us with so much fun
and blessings galore!

I so hope that you all had 
a wonderful season as well.
And now I think
that most of us are relaxing and 
resting after the busy time of cooking
our favorite holiday foods,
creating those warm memories
 going to special outings,
working together and celebrating
the season as each family
does in their way that is 
unique to them!
How wonderful is that?
I really enjoyed seeing pictures and
hearing about your special times. 

And now we are getting on with
everyday life. I was thinking last weekend
how fond I am of everyday life.
Just tending to the normal things.

And, yet, there is still some celebrating to be done.

A New Year. A fresh start.
Hopes... Goals... Dreams and the responsibilities, too. 

Without going into much detail,
I will say that 2015 was a tremendous year of growth
for me personally. And though my blog following
is quite small, I must say that 
I have some of the kindest, most sincere
friends here. 
 Followers and visitors alike. 

It has been an amazing year of
inspiration for me as I have read your blogs 
and learned so much from you.
Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents!
And I have been so blessed by your kind, 
enthusiastic and generous spirits!

Friendships have grown and my little
spot here has grown a little as well. 
And for all of this, I am very grateful.

And so it is with
love and remembrance 
of all my friends
and visitors here that I say with
gratitude and affection...

In plant language, Rosemary is the symbol of love and remembrance.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
for being my friend and supporting me here.
I wish for you, in the coming year, all 
that your heart desires!
As well as peace and contentment
in whatever you find yourself doing. 
Life is made up a lot
of "ordinary"  things and I hope you 
find the extra-ordinary in it all.

Happy New Year!

Tamara xo


Junkchiccottage said...

You have a wonderful blog and a big heart that shares. Love that we have become blogging friends. Your words of encouragement and hope have blessed me this past year. Hoping for many new and wonderful blessings in the new year. Happy New Year.

Tamara said...

Thank you so much Kris.. Blogging has been a great challenge to me at times but worth it all when I count the friends that I have come to know and cherish. And you are one of those! Wishing you the Happiest of years and blessings that overflow.


Audrey said...

Happy New Year Tamara. May 2016 be a great year for you. I always enjoy reading your very interesting and inspiring blog.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures