Tuesday, March 15, 2016

of feathers..lace and French sheet music

Happy greetings from the Az. mountains!
The weather has been sunny and so warm.
I have been secretly wishing and praying for snow but I'm getting past that point.
It may still come. 
The mountains are like that. 
We are just in such desperate need of moisture.

But these days have been beautiful and I've been getting outside more. As so many of you have, I've been working on getting my flower beds and herb garden cleaned up. Since we have the possibility of getting very cold
weather again, I try not to clean too deeply. 
The plants still need warmth and protection.
Here's some little pieces that I'm very fond of
 and so I put them together for our table centerpiece.
My favorite way to create a focal point is by 
using what I have. These are usually
 found and thrifted treasures.
I found this lovely piece at a thrift store. 
The shape, tones and details caught my eye.
I turned it over and this was on the bottom.
I covered some plastic eggs with some French sheet music..
Part of the joy is letting some of the beautiful details show.
I'm fairly obsessed with and inspired by
 many kinds of music. I collect as many of the lovely aged books and sheets of it as I can.

{Here's "la musique" 
that my daughter is working at on the piano..
It's written by Patrick Doyle and 
is from the movie Sense and Sensibility.
It's very beautiful and listening
 to her play delights my heart.}
Sweet found feathers~

He will cover you with His feathers and His
faithfulness will be your shield~
Psalm 91:4
Let me be as a feather.
Strong of purpose but light at heart~
ABLE to bend.
~Anita Sams~ 

Best wishes for enjoying whatever season is 
knocking at your door. 
 And may your cup be filled to overflowing 
with hope and inspiration.

Thank you so much for coming by!
I appreciate you. 

Tamara xo

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Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

So pretty!

Wen Sylvestre said...

A beautiful and heartwarming post Tamara, thank you! Your created centerpiece is beautiful, such a gorgeous stone bowl you have found. The musical piece is beautiful yes, how wonderful to be able to hear your daughter play it on the piano. Blessings of joy to you, hugs xx

Roosterhead Designs said...

Such a wonderful post Tamara!
Thank you for the peek into your d├ęcor! : ) What a lovely 'thrifty' find! And The eggs are such a great idea. I will have to try that.
I have a box full of retro & vintage music sheets. (let me know and I'll send you some: ) Blessings, Karen O

Lace Age Girl said...

Hello Tamara,
What a beautiful heartfelt post. I love your collection of found and thrifted objects. It makes a lovely 'story'.
Have a beautiful Easter.

Christine said...

Such a lovely post to read and learn from Tamara! Your centrepiece is just so sweet and pretty, I love it!
I really like that piece of music from Sense and Sensibility also!
Have a blessed day!

Dorthe said...

Hello Tamara,
such a beautiful post in every way.
The wonderful found piece for your display, was a great find, looking so beautiful, with your music covered eggs, and the feathers, resting so lovely in the mosses.
I love your display .
Thank you for showing your daily life beauty.
Dorthe, xx

Tamara said...

thank you for your visit Wen <3 music and treasures are a joy for sure. Have a wonderful day!

Blessings to you..

Tamara said...

Karen.. It's so kind and sweet of you that you would share your lovely music! <3 Thank you and thank you for your visit and sweet words. Enjoy creating the eggs, dear friend.,


Tamara said...

it's nice to meet you Jesse. Isn't finding treasures and creating with them so special? thank you for your kind visit and saying hello! Have a blessed Easter.

Tamara <3