Thursday, December 1, 2016

Goodbye November, Hello December

Hello everyone..
Happy December to you.
I trust that your November was sweet and full of lovely fallish
 times with family and friends.
If that's your season of course!

Now most of us are excited about the season before us.
Oh the wrapping of gifts and trimming the house and the tree!
And the spirit that comes with it all! 
But before I move ahead too fast here I want to share
some of my November with you all.
Though Christmas is my favorite time of year,
I want to remember the beautiful fall that we had.

I was sad to see it go in some ways.
We had ever- so -much fun outside enjoying 
the wild things and flowers.
I thought I'd just share a few pictures of
 some of our adventures.

This little guy was rescued. 
He was lost inside of a blanket 
that we keep on our
covered patio for the animals when they want to 
enjoy a cool nap outside.
It's a Plateau Striped Whiptail
I can almost see a smile! :)
Such pretty markings and his tail is blue.

He was pretty dried out but I soaked it in some water and
kept him in a jar with some grass and water overnight.
I let him go on a warm rock the next day.
When I checked on him later, he was gone
so all was well I guess.
A walk to the canyon resulted in a happy Liberty and a little project.
treasures brought along in a pumpkin pail~
Almost completed.
water droplets
 look what blew inside~
A yummy treat from the chilly- nite bonfire!
(a little confession, however. I followed the instructions but the caramel
hardened to very tough! I have to find out why. 
We sliced them up and ate them anyway!)
Gathering blooms before the first hard freeze.
The little giggles had SOOO much fun picking flowers! It's not very often that
Grandma says, "Pick as many flowers as 
you want to from my garden!"

So they filled their little baskets and
then had fun being creative.

I put mine in this apothecary jar with an eighth cup
 of water and they were 
beautiful for five days without stems in water.
I was so surprised.
It was like a terrarium.
I made some air-dry clay trees to add to my decorating
and to sell. Here are a few waiting for paint and glitter.
They're all done now. 
I'll share them soon.

I've been working on several projects. 
My angel is finished.
I'm making some cards.
Last year I made them all but I won't be doing that this year.
There's a stack of cardboard stars to be glittered!
Oh what fun...
it is to get 

Just kidding! But I do love glitter.

 I have come to the conclusion that I really 
should make Christmas crafts all the year through 
because there's never enough time.

Are you shopping?
Working on projects?

I am behind on everything today because I've had some all day outings
this week. But we make them fun and
keep "everything" in perspective.

I have little giggles coming soon for a sleepover with
their mommy and tomorrow, we will
have a special brunch for a birthday girl who is turning five!

to her.. to you.. 
to life that is full of such goodness and 

And also remembering those in Tennessee.
Lighting a candle to keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

Please remember to do something nice for yourself during this 
busy season of doing for others.

*Make yourself a nice, hot cup of tea.

*Watch a movie
ooo! a Christmas movie <<<=

(We just watched The Ultimate Gift)

*Stay in your jammies as long as you wish

*Read a good book.

*Buy yourself a present.

*Forgive yourself of something that you've been regretting.

*Work on a project instead of vacuuming

What gift WOULD you give yourself?

The warmest of wishes to you all and thank you
for your visit.

Tamara XO


Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Tamara,
I am swooning over your flower pics. Ahhhh to think of sweet flowers and summer months. Glad you had a great fall and these pretties hung in there. Loved seeing your little giggles in the pics. Just adorable. How fun that they got to pick flowers with you. Enjoy the weekend. Good luck with your show tomorrow.

Jann Olson said...

Tamara, I love your look back on November. I bet that little lizard is happy you rescued him! We had a beautiful long fall as well. The kids are so cute and I can just imagine how excited to pick as many flowers as they wanted. :) Great idea!