Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mothers Put Your Children to Bed

When I read this, it reminded me of when my
own children were little. It WAS sometimes a challenge
to put forth the effort to be with them. Sometimes I didn't stop my activites
in time and I would go in and they would be asleep; Such sweet little faces.
But I was so sad when they fell asleep without a kiss from mommy.
Especially if there were unsettled issues of the day.
 There were 6 little ones, ages 5 and under as well
 as three older children ages 9,14 and 16.
Jeff would pray with them each night and I would tuck them in.

What precious memories those are today. We
we didn't do it perfectly, and we are thankful that God is faithful.

It is He that sees our hearts and multiplies the fruits of our labor by bringing
forth the increase.


Mothers Put Your Children to Bed

There may be some mothers who feel it it to be a self-denial to leave their parlors, or firesides,
or work to put their children to bed. They think that the nurse could do it just as well; that it is of  no consequence who "hears the children's prayers." Now, setting aside the pleasure of opening the little bed and tucking the darling up, there are really important reasons why the mother should not yield this privilege to anyone. In the first place, it is the time of all times when a child is inclined to show it's confidence and affection.

All its little secrets come out with more truth and less restraints; its naughtiness
 through the day can be reproved and talked over with less excitement, and with the
tenderness and calmness necessary to make a permanent impression. If the little one
has shown a desire to do well and be obedient, it's efforts and successes can be
acknowledged and commended in a
manner that need not render it vain or self-satisfied.

We must make it a habit to talk to our children, in order to get from them an expression
 of their feelings. We cannot understand the character of these little things
being committed to our care unless we do. And if we do not know what they are,
 we shall not be able to govern them wisely,
or educate them as their different natures demand. Certainly it would be unwise to excite
young children by too much conversation with them just before putting them to bed.

Every mother who carefully studies the temperament of her children will know how to
manage therm in this respect. But of this all mothers may be assured, that the last words
at night are of great importance, even to the babies of the flock; the very tones of the voice
 they last listened to make an impression upon their sensitive organizations.

Mothers, do not
think the time and strength wasted, which you spend in reviewing the day with your
 little boy or girl; do not neglect to teach how to pray, and pray for it in simple and
 earnest language, which it can be understand. Soothe and quiet it's little heart after
experience of the day. It has had it's disappointments and trials as well as
 it's play and pleasures: it is ready to throw it's arms around your neck,
 and take it's good-night kiss.

Mother's Magazine


Anonymous said...

How sweet! I never thought of it in that light!
Thanks so much for the Godly advice!

soraya said...

nice post thanks for sharing...blessings soraya