Tuesday, March 1, 2011

  Crafts for Fun, Industry and Education

In the past year, we decided that God would have us begin a little craft business to teach our children some valuable lessons. After doing an Uncle Eric study on economics,  God had opened our eyes to the value of being  "entrepreneurial".(Wow, that is a big word!) We felt that it would also be a wonderful teaching experience in learning to relate to people.
So we began to work on some crafts during our free time.

And here are some of the crafts we have made.

snowman soup...

gift basket..

a memo board..

hand stitched, rusty tin heart hanging..

rustic Lord is my Shepherd hanging..

Charlotte and Mikailah's perler bead magnets...

These are just a few of our craft items. We have had so much fun crafting and found it to be such a valuable time of learning that we have incorporated "craft day" into our school schedule.
We try to keep what we make uplifting to others or God-honoring.

Most all of the crafts have sold. The girls are learning to relate to customers and handle money. It has been a great satisfaction to them to make things with their own hands and to reap the benefits of their hard work. They are learning to tithe on this money as well. Since then, we have purchased a kettle corn machine and  launched an official business called:

Heritage Farm Kettle Korn and Krafts.

We have attended a few craft fairs and have even had opportunity to share our music. We are excited about all the doors that God will open for us to share our hand-made items that speak of the Lord, share His love and salvation message through our music and  conversation as well as  selling a fun and nutritious snack.

Our desire is that God would take this and make it a ministry more than a business so that other would come to know Him and the body of Christ be encouraged.

God Bless

Whatsoever thy hand finds to do, do it as unto the Lord and not unto man.

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