Thursday, May 30, 2013

Behold the Work of the Old

Where to begin....

Our family has been journeying. It 's always so exciting to gather our things and hit the open road. It
brings such a feeling of freedom. Adventure. Meeting new people. Finding treasures and making memories that we'll tuck away and re-visit as often as time allows.

Parts of the trip are planned and very purposeful and then others just happen That's part of the adventure.

A very special stop that we made was to see our new grandson Isaac. It was to be our first meeting and it would be extra-special because it was Mother's Day weekend.

What a joy it was to see this precious baby boy for the first time! I was able to hold him and rock him
to sleep and just sit and look at him.

It makes me so thankful for the blessing of travel and finances to make the trip possible.

Travelling always makes me pensive. Seeing new places and remembering the time that has passed since I was there before.  Wondering what peoples lives are like on a daily basis.

I was trying to capture something from every state and make it memorable. My husband and I have always been about family. Making the time meaningful. Making it count.
Foundational things.. Relationships.. Truths.. Traditions. Things that would keep the family connected and strong.

(The main reason we travel is to close the gap of distance between family. To spend time. Supporting. Showing we care. Sharing a laugh and helping lighten a load. There's never enough time but it's why we come.)

On the trip, we stopped at Silver Dollar City in Branson. There were so many things to look at and enjoy. The Old Schoolhouse and the I sat and listened to a lovely lady play some beloved  hymns in the  Country Church.

We were able to watch the Grascals sing and play their bluegrass music. The girls were having fun riding rides and enjoying the beautiful greenery that we always miss during our everyday life.

There was a very touching opening ceremony Our flag was raised. The veterans were honored. What a special moment that was.

But the thing that impacted me the most was this little plaque that I saw on the side of a building.

It spoke of the desire to teach our children of God and the values that last forever. The words reminded us to keep the things of tradition and truth. To continue to keep them always before us. to guard and to then to entrust them to our children as adults. And to go beyond our understanding and seek the knowledge and wisdom of others as well.

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