Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Welcome May ~ A Colorful Spring Banner

Welcome May!
Isn't it lovely? Warm weather has arrived? I am so happy about that.
Though I do enjoy a good, snowy winter.
Outside, my herbs are all up and blowing
in the "not-so-gentle" breezes or winds that are typical
for this season in the high mountain desert country!
The leaves of the Purple Cone Flower and Hostas
 are just poking through and the Day Lilies
have been transplanted to a cooler spot.
I have been enjoying all beautiful flower photos
on the blogs that I follow. Patty at Lemon Lane Cottage
has the most enchanting flower gardens.
However, it's a bit too early for flowers at our happy place
so I have created some
of our own color to enjoy and share.
Be Happy!
is what this banner says. It seemed appropriate. Not just for spring but
for everyday. There's so many things that can cause the clouds to hover
over our lives. So creating things that are bright and cheerful
are important to me.
Bringing some kind of joy into people's lives.
So with this simple thought,
   I hope your day  is filled with a little extra sunshine!
Blessings to you,

I'm sorry my pictures are so bad! I will be working on that..

1 comment:

Mikailah Autumn said...

THIS BANNER IS SO CUTE, MOMMY. golly. too bad you're trying to sell the things you make--i want to keep 'em all, because they're so cute. ;) this is so so so pretty. and the saying is very appropriate. being happy is important, no matter where life is leading you; and we can be, in Christ.

love you a whole gob bunch! <3