Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What Does This Summer Morning Look Like?

 Hello and welcome.
It's a HOT, dry morning here in the southwest.
Our monsoon season just can't seem to get going.
 But it's a beautiful day just the same.
One of the things that I have learned is
that I can allow the things that I can't change
to effect my outlook or I can
use every moment to
make a good day for myself and those
around me.
Every day has a mountain of opportunities to
consider the goodness.
There's so much hope!
I'm awake. I look at the clock. It's too early to get up.
I roll over and wait till some minutes pass.
My thoughts start congregating in my head
and I can't stop them.
I'm not sure what I'll do yet this morning. But I know there's work to be done.
Outside .... early.. before the heat settles  in.
It's 6:00 am.
My body is a little stiff as I swing my legs over and just
get up. I go straight for my slippers because I need my orthotics.
It's that short leg.
I slip my jamas off and step into my usual.
Cut off corduroys and a long sleeved, thrifted,
linen shirt that covers me.
The sun is brutal.
The Merrills and socks are good.
There's no clouds this morning so
I go to the kitchen and fetch my straw
cowboy hat with the lace and a big
brown heart button.
I slip out my sliding screen door and greet the morning.
Wow. I love this time of day.
In the cool, quietness, I'm greeted by the cat.
he wants his food.
We keep it inside at night.
(Just the other night, I heard loud lapping at the water in
the rock that's kept outside the door.
It used to be for the birds but has become for whatever
might need some refreshing in this harsh, dry
mountain, climate.
The lapping was too loud for cats.....different from the dog.
I turned the light on and peeked through the curtain.
It was a big skunk.
It's little feet were perched on the side of that rock
and drinking and drinking.
It's white was so white.
I watched it for a moment, turned the light off and
VERY SLOWLY slid the door shut.
(I was thinking. There's something that's
fulfilling in helping a wild animal
with a basic need.
 And it made me happy.)
So, food inside.
I glance at a clock.. It's time get my special needs daughter up.
 I'm somewhat dreading it. Mornings are hard.
Medication makes her sleepy. She's not happy.
 I have to be positive.
I'll work her through it helping with her clothes...her breakfast..
making sure she has what she needs to go to her program for the day.
All the while praying, wishing that there was something I could do to really help her.
To be realize her dreams of being a firefighter.
Find peace and contentment.
Just keep praying.
God knows.
He loves.
He cares.
He has a plan.
In His time.
there's a little bug looking shyly at me.
Pure sweetness.
Jammied in white cotton all covered with hot air balloons.
One pant leg pulled up and knee showing.
Tight, sunny curls framing her face.
Just dreamy.
Finger in her mouth.
(My granddaughter. She's four.)
Hi Boo.
(Anayah Promise)
And I kneel down and she leans against me and wraps
her little arms around my neck.
 I scoop her up and we just walk  around the house.
Charlotte still isn't up.
I remember that I wanted to try to plant flowers with the girls this morning
before they leave.
Do you want to help Grandma plant some flowers?
She nods.
Out we go to gather all the fun things
to work on our project.
Boo was digging.
Along came Brutus.
The Garden Cat, I call him.
Forever helpful in the way.
But priceless and treasured.

Enjoying the petting...for a time.
Then the swatting begins.
Him not her.

And so I move him...

  (He's baaaack. Overseeing)
She decides that putting the flowers in the holes
is too messy.
But....watering is just right!

Her Mommy is up.
We hear her say,
 "There you are and they both smile."

 Gardener in training.
 I keep it light and easy. Not too long.
Just putting Treasures in the memory box.
Simple pleasures.
I'd love to hear about any part of your day.

Be blessed!
 Tamara XO

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