Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Travels... Snow-tipped Pines and Capturing the Sunset

I hope that you're having a wonderful week so far. 
I have been getting back on track with life at home.
Sometimes I'm called down the road.
 While this gypsy heart does love the open highway, 
I also long for the warm, resting 
place by the fireside.

I have a daughter who has really been 
going through some very difficult trials and so 
I go to be with her and her sweet little ones.

We really have such a wonderful time.
When the morning comes, the little girlies
come and snuggle under my blankets.
We do nails, read books and draw.
And Grandma always has
"special vitamins" for them.
Dark chocolate. 
All in our jammies!
They are 3 and 5 and what a joy they are.


At times, I feel very neglectful of my writing
but for my sake, I have had to let go of that and
embrace what my life brings.

 However, that doesn't keep me from missing 
my sweet blog friends and your wonderful
posts and creativity! I look forward to 
visiting again soon. 

I try to take pictures when I travel. Since I
am here and there so often, I hope to add 
a page where I can open the door to any 
unique and fun experiences..
family visits
and whatever other gypsy
ramblings occur! I will try to keep
it interesting.   

Anyway..I thought I'd share some photos of my trek 
 from Phoenix back to the mountains.
It really is a beautiful drive and I was
able to capture a rare photo of
 some snow in the mountains
near the desert. And the sunset was beautifu as I drew
nearer to my home in the mountains.

Most of the photos were taken while I was driving. 
Some are not the best quality.

I do love the ease of
 my little point and shoot Canon!

The Saguaro cacti are so amazing to see.
 The Four Peaks in all of their rugged glory~
The clouds casting their perfect shadows
I was struck by the beauty of these snow-tipped trees. 
And later, I noticed the two birds in the photo.

This part of the journey was working my way 
up to the top
of the Mogollon Rim. 

Such loveliness.
Beautiful ...Wild 
And there is the moon~
I've always been amazed at how the
trees can hold onto the side of the mountains.
Isn't the flowing ice lovely? 

And, Oh the deep blue of that sky.. 

This is on top of the rim. 
Not a very nice shot of the guard rail 
but in the distance, isn't the skyline amazing?
The following photos are all of the sunset behind
me as I was driving. There was such an illumination of the clouds.

Here is beautiful song to listen to while you watch the sunset. 
It's by Dustin O' Halloran. It's called We Move Lightly
and it seemed to fit the beauty of the moment.

What beauty there is in the everyday.
I just have to be looking for it. 

I hope you enjoyed this little 
"mini journey" with me.

I would love to hear about your travels
or wherever you are..

and is there something 
beautiful or wonderful that you
would like to share?

Thank you for coming by and visiting! 
!t feels good to be back! 

Coming soon are some projects that I've been
working on and my first 
Give away!

Have a wonderful weekend and 
to all of my friends back east.
Please stay safe and warm!

Tamara xo


Sylvia said...

Sometimes I miss it when my grandchildren were that age and I took care of them while my daughters worked. Each age is a joy and brings so much to my life. There are 6 of them from age 10 to 18.
Your photo's are so beautiful!

Christine said...

Thank you so much for taking us along with you, Tamara!
I've never visited
Arizona before and now I wish I could see it in person as your photos are awesome!
Hope your daughter and family will know days of peace ahead.

Kezzie said...

Your photos are wonderful- such crisp, clear views, calm and restful. And I love the dragon cloud!x

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Tamara, these are gorgeous photos! I know this trek well. It looks like the beeline. I love how you captured the snow line. When I was young I lived up north, and we use to trek down to Phoenix, Gallup, or over to Flagstaff to shop once a month. When I go to New Mexico, I prefer that road on my way up over 17. I love your description of the time spent with the grandchildren. Chocolate is my vitamin too.

lynn said...

beautiful pictures, tamara! i love to travel, but, don't get to often. we went to arizona about 5 years ago--such a difference from indiana!