Thursday, June 4, 2015

Introduction to The Ladybug Chronicles: Nature Journal

 and welcome to my new series called:

The Ladybug Chronicles

(I'm not sure if this picture was what inspired
my title or not but I remember being in
Ohio last year and having that
name come to mind and it
just stuck. It was intended to be a 
page but after learning more about
blog pages, the format wasn't 
going to work out.)

There's a huge part of
my heart that is forever wanting
to wander flower laden fields, 
waiting to ramble up a
a canyon incline to see what's 
on the other side. 
stand at the edge of a cool
forest anxious to enter just
so I can feel the coolness of the earth
that has settled among the rocks
and ferns and moss that is
growing on decaying trees.

It's occupied by rabbits, snakes,
raccoons, deer and even skunks.

 The scent of last year's shed leaves 
rise up to greet me as they
lay scattered all around 
while becoming part of the moist earth
that has been so sheltered from the sun by
the trees that gave them life. 

I'm sorry. 
I really was lost in some thoughts
and memories of our Sugartree woods. 

It's one of my favorite
places to spend time. That's at our
place in Ohio where we spend as
much time as we can 
in the summer and fall. 

I grew up in the area and I have
4 siblings who live nearby as well
as many of my school mates from
primary school on up that I keep
in touch with. I think that it's
such a blessing to be able to do that.

 It's just beautiful rolling
hill, farm country with acres and
acres of woods, all kinds of wildlife
and memories 
just waiting to be made.

Actually some of my photos, stories and
experiences that I share will
be from time spent there. 

There are deep ravines dark
with the cover of towering trees.
My daughter and I were chased by 
parent hawks through those woods
as we were wandering and
exploring the stream
that trickles through the
deepest part.

 A delicate Bluet...

As we walked on, we stumbled 
upon their young in a huge nest in a
very tall tree. It was incredible to see them.

I just find the beauty of nature
so enriching to life....
peaceful and so full of 
inspiration that I want to share it.
Just one of more of those
blessings that gather in my life.
And aren't we supposed to share 
those blessings?

These photos are from the past two
years during our visits at Sugartree.
Since I shared so much about our special
place there, I decided to share some
of my photos that portrayed my
thoughts. I hope that you enjoyed them.

I've been promising a
cotton tail baby post and intended
to do that today but I thought
an introduction post would better suit
for now. I have a lot of details to put together for
the Cotton (Tale) post ;)

I have photos and videos and lots of 
details to organize. I want to make it
a very nice little series
 and I will work on them this weekend 
and publish my first post next week!

Thank you so much for your visit.
Peace to you..

Tamara XO


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I love the name! Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful photos.

Rebecca Nelson said...


Thank you for visiting me today and sharing your <3 with mine. It's been a long time.

Your post reminds me of my late father. He was born in Conroe, Texas in 1930 and was constantly sharing with my siblings and I how much he loved Crystal Creek and the piney woods that surrounded his humble home. By the time we visited his homestead when I was about eight (around 1967) the woods had all been developed and the tiny creek was just a memory.

As I grow older I am more in tune with nature and all she has to offer. I, like you, just want to roam about just to see what's around the bend...

I love the name you chose. Perfect fit.

Love to you and thank you for visiting me again.


Tamara said...

Hi Rebecca,
It was wonderful to find your comment and such a delight to read about your dad and his special home. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. I’m sorry that you weren’t able to see it in it’s natural state. What God has given us to enjoy is such a treasure. Thank you for your visit and comment and it’s such a pleasure to connect hearts once again.

Love and blessings,

Tamara said...

Thank you Betsy.. and you're welcome! Isn't God's creation amazing?
Have a wonderful week..
Tamara <3

Monica said...

It's the most wonderful thing! Nature is amazing!! Thank you for sharing the Beauty you see and the love in your heart.

Have a Daily said...

Tamara, I feel the exact same way about being out in nature! And I, my friend have the worst crush on moss. lol! Loved all of your beautiful photos. Hubby and I took a hike Sunday here while vacationing in Co. I certainly feel close to God when I am exploring in his gorgeous creations!

Have a Daily said...

Forgot to say how much I loved the lady bug photo. I shoot one a while ago that I loved, but haven't shared it yet.

Tamara said...

It is amazing..dear friend! You're welcome... my heart fills up whenever I'm lost in the world of birdsongs...earthy scents and trickling streams..

Tamara <3

Tamara said...

Thank you so much Jann... and thank you for sharing about your little adventure! I love to hear about my friend's experiences. :) It's wonderful to know that we are kindred spirits. I look forward to seeing your Lady Bug photo.

Hugs to you..
Tamara <3

Stephanie said...

My dear Tamara, I loved getting lost in your thoughts with you...I felt like I was right there beside you while taking this beautiful journey. Thank you for blessing my morning. Hugs to you!