Friday, August 21, 2015

More Photos and Stories of our "Country Living" Trip Back East : Our Wanderings

Here are a few more pictures and stories
about our visit to Ohio.
 This cute little guy (or gal) has taken up residence in this park and shop. 
For years, some nice folks have taken turns feeding stray cats in this parking lot.
 and sometimes they feed some 
of their friends, too. My sister and I were able
to meet one of the ladies that provides the food
and made a little donation to the cat food "kitty".
That was bad.. I couldn't resist! ;)  
And speaking of "kitties"...
This little lady, who we began to call 
Mrs. Kitty, came to find us during our stay.
Looking at the size of her belly, I'm sure you
can guess how she got her name. 

She is the sweetest cat I've ever known.
SOOoo lovey. 
Because she was very much in need
of some loving care, we decided to feed her
and watch over her.
Who can turn a hungry animal away?
Though we were concerned about leaving 
her there when it was time for us to go.
 I considered taking her home 
with me. But trying to 
get a cat 1800 miles in a crate ...with kittens
seemed like it would make for a stressful 
trip. For her, her kittens and us.

And so, I asked the Amish
family up the road if they would
 take her when we left and though
they were a little reluctant, they said they
would so we wouldn't have to worry
about her. We were so happy that
Mrs. Kitty was going to be taken care of.
We delivered her to a very large barn!

Unfortunately, it's very common 
in this part of the country
for people to "dump" cats that are
 unwanted and many times they 
are carrying little ones. 
But at least our story had a happy ending!
During our walks, we can sometimes get a glimpse of the Amish family working in the fields.
I had to climb up a bank and push the 
tree branches aside to get the picture.
This young boy was mowing the field with their sickle mower. I could hear him calling out Gee and Haw as he managed his team.
 An old barn and vacant farmhouse
surrounded by a radiant sunset.
I just love taking rustic photos.
This old hay bale with some
Chicory and Queen Anne's Lace 
growing around it, 
gave me something pretty
to focus on!
And they just happen to be some of my
favorite wildflowers.
They were having a silent conversation..
She has quite an affection for cows!
Visiting this little community fund-raiser 
 brought back so many warm memories of growing up here. They had a nice country parade, in which I used to rode my horse.
 They serve up some of the best roasted chicken
to be found at a country gathering and the ice cream is delicious and creamy! 
It used to be made from the milk of one of the local dairy farmers .
The Bluegrass band playing some lively music.

The nickel toss was going strong.
If you've never seen one, they set up unique
dishes on wooden palettes.
 One tosses nickels to try to get it in the
dish that they want. Even some
teenage boys joined in to support the cause!

 The brave girl on the Dunk-em Machine 
was going down about every few minutes. People
were really hitting that target and 
it was getting cool! 

  It means a lot to me to share the memories
and special places with my daughter. 
I love pictures like this. 
They show real life. 
If you look closely, you can see the name plates. There were many that I recognized and
I spent some time chatting with the fire chief.
He was a year ahead of me in school and has
been volunteering there for 35 years!
I admire him for his dedication
of helping his community.
These are our Black-eyed Susans.
It's visitor is a Silvery Checkerspot Butterfly.
There are many around but 
butterflies are NEVER common in
my humble opinion!
 Isn't it gorgeous?
Thery were so plentiful in the yard while we were
mowing, that I referred to the mowing as chasing butterflies! Oh Joy!

They are so helpful in taking care of themselves
during the long months while we are away!
 A friendly slug. 
Here it is hugging on last year's Basil roots.
Thankfully, they don't care much for my
Black-eyed Susans!
And I'll end with a picture of our little cabin.
It's very rustic, as you can see
and a little rough in spots but it's perfect for us. 
We love it for so many reasons.
It's peaceful and beautiful.

The best being that it brings 
me closer to family and friends and
provides all of us with
a gathering place to connect with
each other and friends, too. 
It has everything we need and it's....
 Pure and Simple Country!
 And it's location is very close to where my siblings and many friends live.
We see it as a special gift from God.  
My "little" Miss and I during our re-union.

It was a wonderful trip
 and I could share so much more.... 


I will move on and look forward to getting
back to posting about some of my crafts and
projects around the house and just the everyday
blessings that come my way.

It's so special to be able to share a little of my 
life here on my blog. I hope you enjoyed it.
Thank you so much for stopping by. 
I am so excited to be back.

Bless you and have a great week, 
You all..

Tamara xo


Christine said...

Oh what a serenely beautiful corner of the world! So glad you enjoyed your reunion and made the most of the gorgeous surroundings!
I see you were in Antrim and I smiled to see that as we live in county Antrim so it made me feel a better connection!
Sending best wishes

Lynn Stevens said...

What a wonderful trip you had. I've always wanted to visit Amish country ,perhaps some day
Hugs Lynn