Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Where Have I Been.. 1800 Miles From Home: Our Wanderings

Hello to my friends in Blogland!
How I have missed you. 
I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying 
the beauty and bounty that the
month of August brings.

I cannot believe that it's been so
long! I have been away from
home since the 7th of July and just returned
home with my youngest daughter
yesterday. I feel badly that I have not
posted in so long. I even lost a follower.

While being gone, I had very little internet
access. And so I didn't have time to post.
I tried but never succeeded.

 Our girlies enjoying their OWN motel room.
Paid for by big sister.
(which is actually Gracie on the left) :)

Groom, Texas
I love this huge cross.. 
You can see it for miles! 

We travelled across the country.
I love that. 
It's a long trip but nothing beats
seeing our beautiful land and 
meeting wonderful people 
all across the way...

My daughter and I 
were visiting family and a few friends
at our be-loved Sugartree get-away. 
(Gracie had to get back to work.)
It's our little cabin sanctuary that we bought in Ohio so we have a place to 
stay when we visit family
and friends there.

We were able to spend a lot of time with my
brothers and sisters, cousins and a
few friends. It was a long time
to be away from home but it's
what we do. Family and friends are important
and it means a lot to us all to be able 
  to keep making memories together! 
 I seem to thrive on connections. 

My life is rich with people and my heart 
is full of wonderful new adventures,
projects and occasions and.... 

There are always lots of stories..
New stories... stories born for remembering
another time and those re-told. 
I love to listen to my older siblings 
talk about our family life from times
when I was too young to remember.

I'm number 5 out of six. My oldest brother is
10 years older than I and my youngest sister
is 10 years younger than I. 

Here are a few more photos...
Auntie Mikailah.. with sweet Naomi.
She is the youngest and before 
we left on our trip, she said
that she wished there were more babies
around. Being the youngest, she hasn't 
gotten to experience the 
joys of holding newborns much.

While we were in Ohio, we were 
able to hold three newborns 
in one week! I guess she got her wish..
at least for now.
The huge flags that are flying along the interstate always stir up patriotic feelings. 
They are so beautiful..
proudly waving their colors for all to see.
Now this is a rare shot, indeed. 
My dreaded spot on the entire trip.. 
I can't believe that I was actually 
taking pictures with my cell phone! 
But the traffic was crawling and 
I thought it would be somewhat unique.. 
all the signs...
the arch in the back ground.. 
St. Louis
Changing interstates...
 We take a lot of walks at our little place..
and we were blessed with this beautiful sunset.
Glorious Rain! 
Maybe most people
don't get very excited about rain. But my daughter
and I are delighted when a thunderstorm rolls in
and the showers begin. 
Arizona life doesn't provide that sweet
experience very often.

{ The richness of rain made me feel safe 
and protected. I have always considered 
the rain to be healing- a blanket-
the comfort of a friend. }
Douglas Coupland

I decided to cut my post in half.
I think my posts are too long at times.
And so I will share more later..
and more often.

My busy life doesn't allow for 
the consistency that I would like. 
 There's so much to
catch up on and then there's playing..
LOTS of playing 
and visiting.. 

And I'm looking forward to it all.
 Celebrating this crazy, rich,
 wonderful life and embracing it with joyful
There's so much to celebrate ..


Thank you so much for stopping by.
It's so good to be back in touch.
I'm very excited about catching up and
blog-hopping to see what's been happening in
your world.

Blessings and hugs,
Tamara xx


Kezzie said...

What a lovely time with loved ones you had!!x

Fil Campbell said...

I love photos of signposts :) they stir up such a feeling of travel excitement. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip Tamara and I think you're not the only one who hasn't been posting much this summer - I'm just as bad, but I'm missing reading everyone else's posts more than writing my own :) Enjoy being home and I'll try and remember the good things about rain from time to time ;) We actually had 4 days of sunshine on the trot - wow!! That was summer I fear.
Have a great week.