Monday, July 6, 2015

Road Trip.. A Small Town : Our Wanderings

are the equivalent of human wings.
Ask me to go on one.


We'll stop in EVERY SMALL TOWN

and learn the


Feel the ground and


Then we'll turn it into OUR OWN STORY

that will live inside

OUR HISTORY to carry with us

Because... STORIES are more

Victoria Erickson

Small Towns...

This little town was a surprise.

We hopped off of the interstate to visit 

a honey farm..but it was closed

and so we wandered into town to see

what we might see.


 Eric, Oklahoma

 Our family photographer...

Here we found a treasure..

The Roger Miller Museum

filled with his belongings and there

was the scrap of paper on which

he wrote the King of the Road.

Have you ever heard his song

You Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd?

Small town history...

The treasures that we brought with us...

Small town spirit...

These girls were just darling and I loved their spirit

and creativity. Aren't they adorable?

I loved watching them with their smiles

and chalk-covered hands.

They were having such fun!

And bless the one who allowed them

create their masterpiece

in front of their store!

I would love to know the history behind this 

place and all the treasures held inside. 


It was packed to the ceiling..

 which was old stamped tin... 


How I toyed with the idea of fining the owner and offering

 them a lump sum.

loading up a semi trailer and hauling it home..

In my dreams...

But a person needs to dream!

This was behind an old building. Just sort of piled up. 

We spent several hours roaming through this little town. 

It's charm captured our hearts.

Tomorrow morning, 

we set out on another adventure.

Who knows what we might find. 

I'd love to hear about a special

place that you have found!

Happy Trails to you..

Tamara xoxo


Junkchiccottage said...

How Fun Tamara. Love to explore and find new places like this too. Happy journey. Enjoy.

Kathy said...

What a cool small town. I've always lived in a large city so small towns seem so charming to me. I would have loved to know the history of that store too!