Monday, September 21, 2015

Container Gardening in Re-Purposed Rusty Cans

Hi Everyone.
Oh, the last glorious days of summer.

And then Hello to fall.


It has already seemed like fall here.
The weather has turned rather early due to
El Nino and we have been enjoying 
"more than usual" rain. 
It's time to bake some homemade bread!

Hopefully it will be a little while longer 
before we get a frost.

I know it may seem a little late to share about
flower containers. But I thought it might be a perfect 
time to mention these.
That way, if you like them, you will have all of fall, 
winter and early spring to let your
 cans rust outside :)
 I save all of my # 10 cans.
They can be used for so many things.
I had these in a pile outside. I'm not even sure
how long they'd been there but I knew
that I wanted to fill their rusty goodness with 
some bright, cheery flowers.

To me rust is PERFECT and
I really love that look in my garden 
and around my yard.
This is Brutus.
 I call him my garden cat.
He is always in the middle of all things
yard work or garden related.

And he is a brute. SO brave.
He's not very nice to the grandkids. 
We always have to warn them and now they have given
him the name of "Mean Kitty".

And brave he is.
The other night, he was sitting on my
lap and some coyotes started
howling out in the field somewhere.
He sat up, started growling and wanted outside!
He stayed out on the ledge of the porch
like a little "Guard Cat".
I was more than a little surprised
because he's kind of a baby.

Anyway, you could do so many fun things with these
cans. I just poked a few holes in the bottom and planted
the impatiens in them. They make a nice bright spot
under our currant bushes.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
I hope that your fall begins with
peace and beauty and continues all through those 
lovely days of falling leaves,
sweaters, and walks in the cool crisp air.

Tamara xoxo


Fil said...

Oh that's a great idea Tamara ... we only have smaller cans but I think it would work beautifully in them too. Thanks for the tip :)

racheld said...

I couldn't resist popping in when I saw the title on Kathy's sidebar---these call to mind all the wonderful rusty cans of flowers ranged up and down the steps of my Mammaw's weathered old porch, and all around the yard. Her mainstay in those was coleus, and I can just see all those battered red coffee cans (mostly Folgers) and tomato cans sans labels, changing ever browny-gold as the seasons went on.

She was a wonderful country-woman (small town but raised WAY out in the Mississippi hills. I just realized I don't know her education---perhaps eighth grade, I suppose, but she was wise in all the ways of planting, dark-of-the-moon stuff and raising chickens and had a cow right there in town until I was perhaps ten). She carried on a lifelong correspondence with "Park" and "Burpee," writing them long letters of her saved-seeds and her nurturing of different colours from year to year.

I love remembering her pronunciation of things: She called the plants "coleas"---plural, and if she gave you a single plant, it was a colea in that can you carried home.

She even had knowledge of which colours flowers would be, according to planting in the ground, a pot, or a rusty can, with whatever the oxidation did to the soil.

What a lovely reminiscence you've kindled, here on this First Day of Fall. Thank you for the good old memories.


Julie's Lifestyle said...

Your rusty planters look so nice with the impatient plants. What a great idea.
Have a nice weekend.

Kathy said...

I would never think to let cans rust out to use as pots. These are really pretty. What a great idea.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

People pay for rusty cans, what a great idea to just leave them outside in the winter! Brutus might be a mean kitty, but sounds more like a great guard dog...Yikkes coyotes...All we have in Florida is alligators lol!