Thursday, February 11, 2016

Festive, Valentine Candy Jars

Hello everyone..
I hope you're having a wonderful week.

 With Valentine's Day drawing near, I wanted to do something
fun and festive. 
Aren't the candy colors and wrappers
just so inspiring?
I am so captivated by all that color and the 
combinations are so fun!

You know how it is when you begin with an idea
and it just grows? That's what happened
here and I had SO much fun 
creating and decorating!  And I was able
to be adventurous and work with some of my
trims and colors that I don't usually use. 

I have tried to keep my color pallets to a 
certain style for most things... neutrals and pinks mostly. 
But I find my ideas sometimes want to go beyond
these lovely shades! 

And so here, I have gone kind of
 CrAzY with color!
And I loved doing it.
 I hope that you enjoy following along
in my adventure. 
Warning.. there are lots of photos.
Some are just for fun!

I used Mason jars but
I don't recommend using these
because the lids turn separately from the bands.
And so I had to make sure that my embellishments
weren't attached to the band AND the lid or
 they wouldn't turn smoothly.

Most of my "saved" jars had labels on them and I
wasn't willing to take the time to remove them at that moment.

Materials used:
hot glue
Uhu adhesive
E6000 adhesive
pom poms
thrifted glasses and candleholders
Stickles glitter, red

A lovely tangle of streamers! 
Most of the bands from the mason jar lids
got a coat of gesso before I painted them.
It works so well for priming. I wasn't sure
how my acrylic paints would adhere.
Gathering the streamer and gluing..

CUTIE! It's so fun looking through
the sayings to find just the right one!
if you'd like to read it. It's interesting and nostalgic.
This lid is gessoed.
And because I didn't have the red paint that
matched, I just took a Real Red stamp pad from
Stampin' Up and rubbed it over the rim.

The center is piece of white card stock
that is spritzed with SmoochSpritz from
Stampin' Up. I'm sorry. The color isn't
labeled. And I think it's discontinued.
Crepe paper streamers! Paper of any kind is just
such fun. And those colors :)
Doesn't that look fun? 
This color pink says to me
"Let's Celebrate!"
And those little sparkles are so pretty.
This is Extreme Glitter paint by FolkArt
It's Jellybean Pink.
The band below is covered with two coats of this.
I didn't prime it and I love how the silver shows through.
Do you like it combined with the pink, frosty look?
I found this cute little glass at a thrift store for 50 cents.
I wasn't sure about inverting it and using it for a base.
But I decided to give it a go.
It does fit the jar well.
What do you think? 
Do you like it?
All of the bases were glued on using
the E6000 adhesive. It works
very well but the fumes are extremely toxic.
So, please, use with care. 

(I was reminded of something about my 
photography while looking at these pictures. I tend to angle 
my photos to the right. It's rather annoying! I'll have to 
be mindful of that in the future.)
All done! It was a bit time consuming 
but so very enjoyable.
Isn't this a lovely little crocheted table runner?
I found it at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago
for a small change.
What does Valentine's Day mean to you?

I used to think of it as a day to celebrate
romantic love. But many years ago, I began to see it
as another day to express love to my family and friends
as well. I also think of God's love for us.
For me.. for you.

Love can seem elusive at times.
It can seem to flitter about with the circumstances.
And it has so many faces and meanings.
But there's One's love that never changes.
Always pure
Always sincere 
Always present.

I hope you have a warm-hearted..feeling loved kind of day.
Thank you for being my friends!
And thank you so much for coming by.

Tamara xo

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Roosterhead Designs said...

Tamara, this post was soo delightful, fun, educational! and just plain inspiring!!
I don't know where to begin; I wish I had the words~
Love all your lids painted and decorated. Yes, I like the silver showing thru! I like the 'thrift-find' pedestals too. And I like that idea of adding tulle tied around! How festive! And the yummies inside...*Sigh* I want some!
Thank you for sharing your crafts and your heart with us today.
God's love is a perfect thing to celebrate this Feb 14th~ Hugs 2 U, Karen O

Christine said...

Oh Tamara, these are soooooo sweet & thank you for being a real sweetheart & sharing your creativity with us! I will have to try this as they are just lovely!
Have a wonderful Valentines weekend!

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

Those are just adorable. You did such a great job on all of them and made each one so unique. It did look like a lot of fun. Have a great weekend. Kelly.

DD's Cottage said...

What a fun and colorful project!

Tamara said...

Thank you Kelly..

They are very easy..Though a little time consuming. But something that we can
keep for a long time and use over again. You have a wonderful weekend, too!<

Tamara <3

Tamara said...

Hi Karen..

I've always wanted to add little pedestals to some jars. There are so many different designs in the thrift stores. I have even found crystal candle holders.
they are so pretty! Thank you for coming by and have a blessed weekend..


Little Treasures said...

What a lovely project Tamara! So easy to make and the result is wonderful and eye-catching!