Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This Gypsy's Early Morning 'Air Frais' Devotions ~

 It's 6:30 AM and I'm being called outside..
It's my gypsy heart that says
"Come on! Let's meet with the early morning. We can greet Him and the sun
with fresh energy and an open heart to begin the day."

The air is cool and smells of pine needles that blanket the ground under my feet.
One of those scents that I wish that I could bottle and save forever.
 I start a fire and the wood is damp from the rain..
the smoke billows and as it rises, assumes the form of the rays of the sun 
as they shine through the trees.
 I light the candles. 
 I have a little jar of dried flowers that I've saved to bring out as a
small offering of my gratitude for all the beauty that surrounds me and the 
blessings that abound in my life.
 There's a breeze but the candle in the wind burns strong..
I sit quietly and with a thankful heart. I think about God's faithfulness and the
the goodness of the earth and the richness of my life.
 There's just something so serene and reverent about being among the trees.  

It's as if every negative and stressful thought just seems to roll off and disappear
and peace rolls in like a slow moving train.
Steady and strong and sure.

It's the perfect place. 
For me.
I've always been that way. As a young girl, I would roam 
the hills and woods for hours at a time.
Rain... snow or  sunshine..

Beauty and blessings..
Every moment of every day.
They're always there.

Words from one of my favorite worship songs called 
All the Earth

All the earth will declare 
That Your love is everywhere 
The fields will exalt seas resound 
Hear the trees' joyful cry 
Praising You and so will I

You can listen to it here

Perfect illumination..

The AZ monsoons have started and the skies have been beautiful
all dressed in their layers of fluffy ruffles.
My flowers are loving the summer rains..
Colorful fabrics all washed and ready for projects!
I was so excited to find this little stack of joy at the flea for a dollar a yard.

I've been thinking pillows since I brought this fun fabric home!
They would look so festive with the white pom pom trim that I just ordered
from Wal-Mart. It was a GREAT price. I was going to share it with you but it's no
longer available at that price. But I found another source here
that sells 12 yards of 1 1/8" trim for $16. 
I love pom poms... and lace and seam binding...... ;)

Do you have a favorite trim?

Wishing you a wonderful week and 
many thanks for coming by!



suziqu's thread works said...

Such a beautiful and serene post full of so much beauty Tamara! I too can't move far in my creating with lace, seam binding and silk ribbon.
Thank you for putting this together and expresssing it all so beautifully!
xox Suzy

Anonymous said...

I feel that serenity and the strength and peace of God's love when I sit and stare at the ocean, surrounded by His Glory. I loved your post.

Junkchiccottage said...

Ahhh so serene and peaceful Tamara. Love the material you have for pillows. They will be so cute especially with the pom pom trim.

Fil said...

What a beautiful way to start the day :) Have a great weekend Tamara.
Fil’s Place - Old songs and Memories

Kezzie said...

Your words and pictures never fail to inspire me Tamara! So beautiful. I was with you here.
I am so sorry I have not been around recently. I've actually been on a cruise for almost 2 weeks and before I was in France for a week! I do apologise for the lack of blog presence and comments. I do hope you are well!