Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Where We Play Music and Just life...

I've sure been enjoying re-connecting with many of my blog friends.
I have missed you all so!

One thing that I'm learning to understand very well is that there
are seasons and sometimes they are short-lived.
So I'm trying to be as present as possible and
make the most of each one.

Live it to the hilt.. Keep that momentum going.
Celebrate.. reflect..
 give it all you've got!

My youngest daughter (19) has developed a love
for 70's music. Every evening she turns on her Spotify
playlist, cranks it up and we dance and sing and laugh
while we clean up the kitchen.
We have been having

Last evening, my husband joined us and he 
was playing his electric guitar!
 Imaginary of course. 
{Big smiles}


I had shared a couple of weeks ago about playing
music in the neatest place with the nicest people.
I promised to share some photos.
Well, here's a picture of
The Foxfire stage.
Wednesday evening is pickers night.
Anyone who wants to can come and play.
Any kind of music.
We take turns and we also sing and play together
(My favorite part is blending everyone together. It can
get pretty crowded up there sometimes.)
We're building a wonderful camaraderie.  

We' re supposed to go tomorrow eve.
My 6 year old grand daughter has caught on to the chorus 
of one of my new songs and will be singing it with me some time.

That will be a special time for us for sure!

Here's Emmy Lou singing it if you'd like to watch and listen.
I didn't take pictures about the place. It's a small,
intimate gathering and I didn't want to disturb anyone.
There's a restaurant also.
It's only seasonal. 
There are two rooms to it and they both have
 garage doors opening to the outside. 
It's all very unique with rustic decor, wonderful owners, 
sweet waitresses and delicious food!
And the scenery is breathtaking.
It really is a fun place to spend a summer's evening.
It's a mix of locals and travelers.
My little dog... A heartbeat at my feet~
Edith Wharton

That would be Liberty. 
She is really the sweetest dog and so sensitive.
She hugs ..she smiles.
And is very obedient.
(Except she sneaks cat food now and then ;)

Here I am taking a break from my morning
watering and outside work 
and there lies my faithful companion.

Every now and then, I lay her comforter on my bed
and we have a snuggle time. She gets a caramel cream candy and
then takes a nap while I read or rest.
 Lovely lilies..
They're all sunshiney for me even when it's cloudy.
 Some  flower container fun.
Yard sales and thrift stores are a great place to find 
unusual pots for your flowers.
I found this one for a dollar!
Here is a purple coneflower that I rescued from the ground
after a little kangaroo rat chewed it off. It was his last dirty deed as
we live-trapped him. He was eating away at my flowers..
Quite quickly I might add! 
(He was released by the Little Colorado River also..
So he/she and the bunnies are now neighbors :)

And, as you can see, there was a small eight-legged passenger.
Critters .. critters everywhere!
That's just one of my favorite things about gardening.
All the new friends one makes :)

Speaking of friends, I've been thinking of our Piglet, Eyore and Roo
a lot lately. It's been a year since we turned them loose back into the wild.
 About 10 days old..
Their eyes weren't even open yet.
Such sweetness.
About 4 weeks..
We miss them a lot and wonder how they're doing.
They're in a bunny paradise by the Little Colorado River.
We released them at 6 weeks. 
 I've been collecting petals all summer long.
I've filled a jar on my dresser and now they're overflowing all over
the top of it. They're just as beautiful as they dry.
I can't bear to throw them out.
Two of my favorite colors together. 
Pink and yellow.
I'm working on a beaded bracelet combining these two colors 
then adding some bronze to that.

Nature is so generous with her beauty and the inspiration that flows 
from mingling with her is boundless!

I hope that you're enjoying your summer.
Oh my..
So much to take in on a daily basis. 
We are so Rich Rich Rich...
in so many ways.

I hope that you feel it, too.
It's beyond amazing to live this life.
I understand there are trials and sorrows, too.

I could go on about that. 
You might be surprised, Dear friend.
Do you think that sometimes, tho, it's the ones that
have lost the most that celebrate all the more?

Something to ponder.

Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious week! 
Maybe we could all use a little more
of "Mary Poppins' " magic 
in our day. 

Hugs and blessings..


Stephanie said...

You are so charming, my friend. I can't help but smile when I visit your blog and read your posts. It was so good to visit with you this evening. How I would love to hear you play your music {{smiles}}

Have a blessed Wednesday, dear one. Love and hugs to you!

Roosterhead Designs said...

I'm with Stephanie all the way! : ) It is a blessing to visit here Tamara~
Loved all the photo's you shared with us (baby bunnies my fav:) and the stories & thought provoking messages too! Thank you and have a great rest of the week. Hugs, Karen O

Junkchiccottage said...

Such a sweet post to read through today Tamara. Just makes me smile to read about what you are doing. Love that you are enjoying playing music in your area. The bunnies are so cute and I bet they are thriving in the wild.
Have a great week.

Kezzie said...

You are very infectious!!! I love it!
The singing to the 70's music sounds SUCH fun and you are building such happy memories with your family!
The DARLING bunnies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them- sooooo cute!! I want a bunny.
Hope you have a supercalifragilisticexplialidocius week too!x

handmade by amalia said...

I have a little nephew, just a few months old, and for some reason 70s music can always make him smile. What did they know back then?

Fil said...

It's lovely to see where you play music Tamara - and I love that Emmylou song - it'd be great to hear you singing it. The cafe sounds fabulous - the sort of place I'd love to spend a couple of hours and the idea of putting petals in a jar is a really cool way to extend summer.
Have a great week