Monday, October 3, 2016

Harvested Herbs and An Herbal Wreathe~

Hello dear friends...
I'm just popping in at the library to 
make a few visits as time allows and to show you 
a little project that I made before leaving 
on our trip.

I've been having the most wonderful time
visiting family.
My time visiting our kids in Tulsa 
was much too short but my travel buddy
has limited time. But we are making the most of 
our time. 

The new grand baby stole my heart...
how is that we have one heart but that it
can be taken captive again and again
by these dreamy little people?

And of course her brother and sister
are as dear to me as ever.
The heart just stretches and grows
with each new addition to our family!

The autumn morning was cool and crisp.
Golden leaves floated to the ground and the red sumac leaves are
a brilliant scarlet. I keep hearing an owl across
the field at our cozy Sugartree cabin.
We listen to the rain hitting the roof while we sit all
snuggled in our blankets among the twinkle lights and
pumpkin scented candles..

(My daughter says she's never leaving.)
When the rain stops, I have some weed eating to do
so we can get into our mini-gypsy camp here,
share some hot drinks and
have some fire-side sing alongs. 

Rinsing piles of herbal goodness 
to go on the wreathe~

About mid-summer, I decided to move my 
potting bench area.
This area is a under our front porch. 
It was closer to where I unload and water my new plants.
So I'm fixing it up a bit.
I have shared about my herbs before. 
I enjoy them so much. 
They add so much beauty to my garden.
They are a joy to cook with either fresh or dried and 
I also love to use them for wreaths and crafts.
Making a wreath is very simple.
I usually buy my grapevine wreaths
at thrift stores.

I cut the herbs that I want to use and leave a nice
long stem on them for wiring.
And then I rinse them and shake off the excess water.
A basketful of fresh Thyme...

Do you have a favorite herb?
It would be hard for me to choose.

But I think fresh Marjoram is 
my absolute favorite.
It's sweetness gets me every time.
Here is the finished wreathe.
All that green gorgeousness and scented deliciousness!

I hope you're enjoying these 
festive days of fall..

the colors 
the scents
the sights
festivals and
all the yummy things to eat!

I have run out of time to write.
We're meeting my niece and sister for
a snack at Theo's.
They have wonderful coney dogs
and the best Arnold Palmers there!

Thank you for coming by and I
hope your week is full of all
sorts of good things.



Kezzie said...

Tamara that wreath is beautiful! I bet it smells sooooooooooooooo tasty! I really like Marjoram, it is just brilliant for tomatoes!!x

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

Hi Tamara, I love your potting bench - so cute!! That's wonderful that you can grow your own herbs and use them in so many different ways. The wreath is beautiful, you're so creative. I hope you're enjoying your family visit in Ohio. Take care, Kelly.

Junkchiccottage said...

Oh Tamara I want that wreath. How sweet smelling and sooooo pretty is this wreath. Just beautiful.
I am so happy you are having a great time visiting your family. Grands are the best. I always think just when I did not think I could love anyone more than my children they give you grandchildren and your heart grows ever more. Happy travels. Safe travels.

Stephanie said...

Good morning, sweet friend! Oh, what a delight to visit your lovely blog. I just LOVE your wreath and oh my, what a darling potting bench! I think it would be easy to spend hours at it :)

Thinking of you, dearest Tamara. Hugs and joy to you!

Monica said...

Absolutely adore this one! What a great idea!
Much love,
Monica xo