Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Art Inspiration: My Quest ~ Dreams: Focus and Purpose


With a day full of possibilities, what will you do?

We can soar on the wings of our dreams!

Do you have dreams?

I think at one time in our lives,  we all had a dream..

Hopefully, you still do.
 I have dreams.

There have been times when I haven't been true..

to myself or to my dreams.

It's easy to get caught up in expectations of others.

What we SHOULD do can dictate our

decisions and the whispers of our heart's dreams

can be drowned out by so many things.
 Where do your dreams stand?

You know you are the only one that can protect them

I'm building walls around my dreams and learning to guard them

with a fierceness because if I don't...

they can so easliy vanish in the midst of daily living.
 I think we're meant to dream. 

Without them, how would we set goals?

There's a longing in my heart that is leading me to practice being artistic 

and creative. Living life to the fullest in my home and through my 

drawing, painting, playing music and writing songs.

God has given us all talents and gifts along with a desire

to express ourselves through these gifts and talents.
 There have been times when I have prayed and asked for God to make a way,

and to show me what HE wanted me to do.

A lovely revelation came to me.  

{Sometimes God is just waiting on us to make up 

our minds about what it is we want to do.

And then He can bless it.}
 He has given us gifts and talents and 


The desire is natural and beautiful

and one of the strongest motivators to get us where we want to go~
 I am having to retrain myself and it's kind of like steering

a very large vessel through the water.

It's a very slow but deliberate process.

It takes a seriousness of purpose and focus that

has to shut out the everyday.

This focus also comes from knowing what it is I REALLY want.

I cannot tell you how many hours I have wasted

by just letting my mind wander.
 I can't allow myself to putter away at lots of little things that

I think are interesting. I don't have time to chase

bunnies that run across my path and distract.

I have to be orderly in my thinking, keeping the dream ever

before me. Picturing the destination and how to get there helps.
We can achieve anything we want when we have a desire and a plan.

Just recently, I was reminded that one of my purposes was to inspire.

Beauty and truth. 

Here are disciplines that I am learning to apply to be able to 

see that happen.
*Work my mind really hard. I can be and have been

 very lazy in my thought life.

*Be realistic. I have had to come to the truth that I

cannot accomplish every idea that I have had.

This has led me to *purge my ideas

and my home of materials that I will never be able to put to use.

And I am always...always, in some way,

working on some kind of project.

Such as ...learning a new song, researching how to write a song,

playing my guitar or mandolin.

Working on a painting, learning a new technique.

Etc.. this helps me keep the momentum.
This has required letting go of things and ideas that I have attached myself to.

But I can't allow emotions to get in the way.

Sometimes we have to be strong and firm.

These disciplines have made me stronger and enabled me to


Which brings more inspiration and peace 

which my heart was desperate for. 
 It may sound like I am never spontaneous and don't follow my heart.

Actually and ironically, it's the opposite.

The more we are able to pinpoint our weaknesses and work to put forth a plan 

that can clear our hearts and minds of distraction and unwanted clutter,

the less we worry and fret about that stuff and get bogged down

trying to figure out what to do.

We can make mistakes and will.

We will get sidetracked and distracted.

Because that's real. 

But do you have a plan in how to get back on track 

and find your groove again?
 Best wishes for your journey to be magical,
filled with wonder, excitement and purpose!
We will make messes of all sorts but won't it be fun and 

inspiring and encouraging to learn?

And how wonderful to be in a place just to know that we're 

listening and responding to  those quiet nudgings. 

How beautiful and exciting!

I wish you all the best in following your heart and being 

able to achieve your dreams in the truest 

sense of what they mean to you!

Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for coming by!



Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Tamara,
Love your post today. I think we all need to follow our dreams and not let life take over all the time. We get so caught up in daily living that sometimes I think we do forget to focus on our dreams and make time to achieve them. You are blessed in so many ways with all your creative, artistic and musical soul. So glad you embrace those sweet talents and make them part of your life. Have a great and wonderful new week ahead.

Fil said...

Lovely post Tamara - I needed to read this today ... my dream has gone this past while, but I'm hoping that by keeping going and trying to remove some of the distractions that have been in the way over the past while, or at least put them in their place, then hopefully I can rekindle the dream by refocussing.

Audrey said...

Love this post Tamara and so timely for me. Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Audrey Z.

handmade by amalia said...

Beautiful, Tamara. There is such promise and hope in that word - possibilities.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful, my friend, oh how incredibly beautiful! Your words went straight to my heart and I shall be thinking upon them all day :)

Thinking of you, dearest Tamara. Have a lovely day. Hugs and love to you!

Jeff LeFevre said...

Beautiful and thought provoking words! Incredible pictures of an amazing city and a memorable trip!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

What a beautiful post!
I think it is really important for each of us to work on our dreams. I am trying to make 2017 a year for that. Since my stroke in 2014, I put a lot on hold. Life is too short!

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

Hi Tamara, what a wonderful post. It sounds like you are really working hard at your dreams. I am a huge dreamer, I find it energizes me. Unfortunately, it also can use up a lot of time lol. But it is wonderful isn't it?