Thursday, March 30, 2017

There Was A Time... Shall We Get Back to It?

Being here feels so foreign after nearly three weeks between posts!

I have missed you and wanted to come and tell you so.

I am trying to  change so many things in my life.

Te be more in tuned to people around me.

I can be so self consumed in the moment.

It has been a beautiful spring here and with the

loveliness of life there has also come the busyness.

There was a time when I was

posting two times a week but I can't seem to stop

overthinking about this and get overwhelmed!

But I'm going to work at getting back to it.
 Spring came early to the mountains and there has been work to do 

outside. The tender care of mulching,

 and weeding. I have to do a sort of plant hovering in the spring

because the baby plants come up and then WHAM!

We get snow and cold temps again.

We had a beautiful, wet snow

the other evening and Liberty and I took a walk and came back dripping wet!

It was so fun and refreshing that I was trying to find reasons to stay outside.

Those walks take me back to my girlhood days when I use

to wander the farm in all kinds of weather.

I do love seeing the new plants popping up and 

the trees heavy with blossoms.

There's also been the sorting and cleaning out of every 

"nook and cranny"! It has felt good but has been a lot of extra work.

But in the midst of the work, I've been having so much fun

 learning new songs and playing a lot of music.

It truly is my #1 obsession!

And I'm excited that there are many singing opportunities

coming up. I enjoy the people so much but

to be honest, I am not a very good performer.

I'm more of a passionate, closet musician. Haha! So, I'm having to learn to 

be more expressive when singing for others.  I always felt like that

was show-offey. But I understand now that it's just enjoying

myself and letting it be about the music not me.

Isn't there always so much to learn?
(the azalea bush that my daughter gifted me for my birthday. 
I love pink!)

 There was a time.. 

I tried song writing. 

Have you ever let something die just because

you felt you weren't good enough?

Maybe it's time to turn that negative thinking around and try again. 

Don't think too much about it. 

Just follow your heart, Dearie!
There was a time ...

when I worked like a crazy person making things..

Well...I have been working on projects again now that

the biggest part of the sorting is done.

I have finished another book page, angel. 

She is woodsy and all about spring!

I will share her soon.

And my late evenings and Sunday mornings are a good time to make cards

for friends and family. Thank yous.. Birthday cards and any other

reason that I can find to make them! I do enjoy paper crafting so much.

Do you have certain times set aside that seem to work for you?
There is a new friend that has taken up residency here... 

I will call him my new studio assistant.

He was a gift from my husband.

He received a very nice bonus from work and he

bought ME a gift :)

He is so very thoughtful and giving!

I will reveal this new little love of mine before too long.

I'm so excited to have him along as my crafting and artistic pal! 

What's been happening with you?

I know that life isn't always fun and exciting.

There are hard things and lots of hard work. 

Even when most of life is going well.

I hope that you're finding the grace and strength to 

work through the hard things and that there are good things

 to bring magic to your days and put a smile in your heart.

Thank you so much for coming by and may your cup 

be full and overflowing.

Tamara XO


Sylvia said...

You have been busy and missed, Tamara. Your photo's are so pretty, I love pink too and your azalea is so beautiful.

Jeff LeFevre said...

As always, your posts are a joy to read. Refreshingly honest and the pictures are amazing!
Can't wait for everyone to meet your new studio friend!

Kezzie said...

Tamara it is always such a joy to see your posts! They are wonderful. I am glad you love your music so much! As a musician, I love to hear this!!
Your card is beautiful!xxx

handmade by amalia said...

A lovely post, Tamara. Spring is beautiful here as well and brings with it such positive energy that it seems a pity to spend hours before the computers when we can be out enjoying its beauty or doing productive things around the house. And knowing that it will be gone so very quickly makes it all the more special.