Saturday, April 8, 2017

An Ordinary Matchbox Altered For Spring

Happy day everyone!
I hope that your week is going well.
I have been absent again! 
I'm not sure where the time goes but I am determined...

to figure this out!
And I'm actually praying about letting it go for awhile.

I love it but I'm not sure if I can make it fit with 
the other things that I've added this year.

I need to simplify my posts.
I joke with my husband (though it's very true!)
about how I am SO good at complicating things.

But I am learning to turn that around.


The magic and beauty of spring can be found 

all around. I have been walking about and finding lovely surprises 

all over the yard. The most wonderful have been the two peonies

that I marked off of my list of survivors from last year's plantings.

I am so happy and excited about seeing them come up and am anxiously

waiting for them to grow!

I want to share just a little project with you today.

It's an altered matchbox.

I love taking something ordinary and making it pretty.

Do you like to do that?

I apologize for the photos.

They aren't very creative or even good.
 I  covered it with some pretty, spring paper and gathered some embellishments.
Ferns are one of one of my favorite plants.
So I picked some to use.
 Boxes are so fun to decorate for gifts, craft storage or for decorations. 
And the possibilities for decorating are endless!
This one is pretty simple. I do love losing myself in creating with details though.


I have been so very busy with family outings.
This last week I had a spontaneous shopping trip
with my youngest daughter, a visit over breakfast with two of my daughters and
granddaughters. Thursday, we took five of our grandkids to 
see Beauty and the Beast.

Family outings are so special and celebrating
those relationship often and having fun
makes lasting memories that we'll always treasure.

This evening there's a girls night out eating dessert and going
to the movie to celebrate a daughter's birthday
and then.....
tomorrow dinner with our oldest daughter and SIL to
celebrate their anniversary..

HAHA! ;)

With a (very) large family, and packed schedules, 
it sometimes takes months to squeeze those special outings in!
 Having girl time with Liberty is something I try to do once a week. 
That probably sounds a little odd, but she's getting older and 
she is a good, kind dog. She deserves special 
attention and I love doting on her.
It's always a good time to work on adding a little color or 

something new to add some cheer to my home.

There's something warm and wonderful that happens to a room

when you add something new. I can imagine it smiling.

A bit like getting a new scarf or pair of earrings! 

This floral cheer came from a flea-market.

I loved the colors and it was only a dollar! I was so surprised....

I bought a pile of pieces to bring home and sew into pillows or something.

I have been reading the most wonderful book!

It is packed with inspiration and wisdom.

I will share it with you soon.

(I need to get busy on my posts!)

The excitement of what I'm learning in my personal life or

through my reading sometimes bubbles over and keeps me up late

journalling and drawing.

Do you ever have thoughts or ideas that you want to get onto
paper before you go to sleep at night because you know it will be vanish
while you sleep?

I loved this entry.. it came from the devotional:

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

I have to remind myself of this often and so it really spoke to me.

What speaks to you?

Well dear ones..

Here's wishing you a lovely new week!
Thank you for coming by. 
I hope you were able to take away something
with you that was encouraging or inspiring!

Blessings and hugs...



Stephanie said...

My dearest Tamara, what a joy to see your sweet little creation! Oh, it's just charming and brought a smile to my face :)

Your posts always touch my heart and I couldn't help but giggle about you celebrating your daughter's anniversary that took place in November. Better late than never, dear one.

Hugs and love to you!

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

Hi Tamara, what a sweet little match box, I love how you decorated it. It sounds like you have been extremely busy with your family and you're having a great time. Those times are special for sure. I love your girl time with Liberty. It makes their day to dote on them. Your pillow is very pretty and what a great deal. I find our thrift store has really been raising their prices. Have a wonderful weekend!

Kathy said...

I understand about time getting away from you. That has been my life lately. So busy! Love that sweet little matchbox. And celebrating things late is a way of life in my family. I was still celebrating my December birthday in February!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

I think they call it "unplugging" and we all need to do it. Social Media has really taken over our lives some of it good and most of it bad. I love the sweet creation you made, so pretty. I have been using Sarah Young's Devotional as of 2017. My elderly neighbor recommended it to help me. It really is a good thing to make time each day to concentrate on just that, and learn to reconnect with the Lord. I hope you have a Happy Easter!

Jeff LeFevre said...

The match box is very pretty! Taking things others would throw away and making something special out of them is something you do well. I enjoy reading your posts...