Friday, September 28, 2018

Ready for Fall While Looking Back at Summer

Well, here we are off on our
autumn adventures!

Though I am always up for adventures,
I am slow to let go of what came before.
 Do you enjoy looking back 
and savoring days gone by?
Like holding onto that good taste of something
that you just want to last forever?

And did I say slow?
I like to think of myself as living in
the moment...
Being present.
This is something that I have had 
to work at.  
My shutter painted mustard yellow. YAY for paint!

I'm a planner and I'm in love with life.
But I felt that I was missing so much
by trying to do too much and always
thinking ahead or of something else.
VERY distracted.
My daughter and 6 of my grandkiddos. Love them all to pieces.
 That's Escudilla mountain in the background.

My life is so very full of rich family times, just living, projects and change. Right now, I'm 
going through some big changes that I hope to
be able to share about later.
It's been a time filled with many emotions 
and physically exhausting. 
But I'm trusting God and He is
ALWAYS good.
These are just some of my memories that
I captured and a few photos of some of the beauty
of my summer. I hope that you don't mind if  I'm not up to speed with fall.
I wish I could keep up like other folks. I have
tried but it just doesn't work for me.
 I have many more garden pictures to share later.
The magic and calming of music that flows through my days and fills my heart is
a gift to me that I unwrapped as a very young child. It's melodies and harmonies have
filled so many cracks and crevices in my soul 
and changed my life forever. And now that goodness overflows and with God's
blessing, is touching the lives of others.
I am so grateful!

and sisterly LOVE!!!
with a dash of ornery ;)

I cannot resist faded petals. I have a collection of geranium 
flowerlets that I've been gathering all summer to be put in a jar.

Fading beauty is a part of life. Aging is a natural process that reveals a beauty all it's own. 
Being able to embrace it all as we pass through each season is a sign of a life richly lived. 
My geranium after wintering in my 
kitchen bay window.
It doubled in size this summer.
I had to cut it back to bring it back 
inside. I love their scent!
Jeff and I play with the group Bush Valley Rounders and the two
 of us have our own two person band called BackRoads. 
We were delighted to have our first summer ever booked from June to September.
We played nearly 30 times. It was a little daunting at times but we did it!
And we're so grateful for all of the support!

On the nights when we play music, the couples get out on the patio under the nights and dance. The merriment of the music rolls out across the valley to meet the mountain carrying the sounds to the elk, deer, foxes, bears, wildcats and coyotes.
 Making our yard and gypsy camp come alive
with flowers and plants is something that I look forward to every year. The refreshing that it 
brings to our spirits is a reward for 
the hours of energy, commitment and time 
devoted to it. During the hottest part of the
morning, I sometimes take a break under the pines
and spend a little time reading and resting.
Three cheers for going on 
a little different kind of adventure!!!
for family togetherness.
lots of clapping! ;)

This week, we will pack to leave for Ohio.
I hope to be hanging around on the blog and coming to say hello.

Now I must go taste the peanut butter pie
that Jeff brought me last evening.
Darbi's in Pinetop, Az...
I lost count of their restaurant awards!
And they have theee best pie on the mountain.

Have a lovely weekend. Please tell me of your
fall outings and adventures.

Thank you for being here!
Hugs and blessings,
Tamara xo


Roosterhead Designs said...

Hello to you Tamara,
Thank you for sharing this wonderful post!
I enjoyed all the great photo's and your thoughts & musings too~
I am a warm weather gal myself, so I am never in a 'hurry' for Autumn;
but it is always soo beautiful and brilliant - no matter where you find yourself: )
Al's fav was geraniums~ We had many, and he could kept them thriving for years.
Beautiful family photos!! Looks like you had some great adventures, and some simple slow-motion days too~~
Bravo in the music dept!! Glad you had that experience this Summer as well~
Hugs to you and please say hello to OH for me! I was there in July for a nephews wedding and already miss the family there soo much~
God bless, karen o

handmade by amalia said...

What a fun summer you've had, dear Tamara, great photos of your family and everyone looks so happy. Hope you're having a beautiful week.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

What a full summer, and the bands sound like they kept you busy. I have not been to Pinetop in years! It is so off the beaten path when we take off for New Mexico and cut through the high country for a breather. xoxo Su

Kezzie said...

These are wonderful photos and your joy in life and love and appreciation of everything God is and does it evident in them!x