Sunday, January 23, 2011

God is Faithful

Today I am finding myself more encouraged than I have been in several months. There has been a lot of change in my life recently and though these have been positive and necessary changes allowed by a loving heavenly Father, they have been very difficult to accept and adjust to. I have felt weak, vulnerable and very insecure in my relationship with God and with others. There have been moments of despair and feeling completely overwhelmed. There were many times of tears and fearfulness Even knowing that God is faithful and loving did not comfort me or give me hope.

I didn't feel the hope or the love but knowing that His Word is true and that He is faithful, I knew that He would help me to hold on until my beliefs were made manifest in my heart and my life. Through prayer, reading the Word and gentle and consistent encouragement from my husband, children, friends and the Lord Himself, I am experiencing the hope that I knew existed. My circumstances have not changed but He has been faithful to bring me through that dark time to a place where I can see His light and feel His loving goodness and warmth once again. I am so grateful for a loving God who has made a way for me in the wilderness, has given me strength and never leaves me.

I will pray for my readers to know that same assurance and to be able to rest in that place.



Suzanne said...

Hello Tamara,
Thanks for the kind comment about my home. I am so encouraged to hear your testimony. Yes, even when circumstances aren't changed we know our Father is still with us!
God Bless,

Jeff and Tamara said...

You are welcome. It is a blessing to see others whose homes reflect the goodness of the Lord and the preciousness of family. I am blessed that you were encouraged. God is good!
God's Blessings,