Monday, February 7, 2011

Loaves & Fishes

As a family, the Lord has given us a desire to minister in music. We have done this in various ways throughout the years. We have led worship in the community and in the local church.  We have shared at senior centers and nursing homes as well as at family gatherings. Our family has always enjoyed singing and music. Most songs are accompanied by a variety of instruments. At times the children have signed to a song and others are sung accapella. The music ranges from patriotic to classical. However, as diverse as it has been, our desire has always been to honor God and to encourage others.

In the past year, we have been feeling  a stronger desire to minister to people with our music and have been practicing a lot. Our hearts desire is to minister to the lost and encourage the family of God. We would like to add prison ministry to our outreaches.

  It doesn't matter how small the gift. Just give it in faith, out of love and obedience and allow Him to touch it and bless it...just like the loaves and fishes.

As we have been in the midst of trying to be obedient, it has been discouraging at times because things don't move along as fast as we might want. We have looked at others that are ministering in this realm and compared ourselves to them. There are reasons why God tells us not to compare ourselves among ourselves. After listening to ourselves practice, we have asked ourselves,"Are we good enough?" And we have thought," That sure doesn't sound like this group or that family."

The other day, as I was expressing my discouragement to God, this is what he communicated to my heart.. It doesn't matter what size the gift is..Just give it to Me in faith, out of love and obedience and allow Me to touch it and bless it.. just like the loaves and the fishes..

After that, I had peace and was encouraged knowing that the Lord was overseeing what is really His ministry to begin with..I have shared this with my family.We will move forward and with God's help, keep our focus on Him..

God Bless.


Suzanne said...

Ahh, I just love music ministry. We are praying and considering it. Husband and son play guitar and one daughter so far on violin. Thanks for the comment today--I agree, where do we draw that line with discerning and not judging, whoa, it can be tough sometime.

Jeff and Tamara said...

I was excited to hear you are praying about music ministry. We are always so blessed after we minister. Music is such a powerful way to touch people's hearts. Did I see a mandolin in the tulip photo? Prayers to the Father for your family for wisdom & direction..I always appreciate your insights.
God Bless~