Thursday, February 17, 2011 be of one mind and one heart~

About a month ago I began a quest to de-clutter my life. My home, my heart and my spirit were bogged down. God has brought a lot of direction in this process and I am grateful. He has used friends in their love  and wisdom to help me  see the truth. I needed to focus on Him more and listen for His voice in every area. As He is helping me to do this, I am experiencing more peace and His direction. I cannot look at others and compare. I MUST be obedient to His Word and not other's opinions. God in His gentleness and faithfulness has brought me back to a place of fasting and more serious prayer. Daniel 9:3 says, Then I set my face toward God to make my request by prayer and supplication and fasting.

My desire is to sweep out all the things that distract me from knowing His heart and loving Him with my whole heart, soul and mind. I want to be of ONE  mind and ONE heart with Him so that I may accomplish HIS purposes for my life and HIS kingdom. Nothing else matters.
As a friend so wisely put it; God is showing me that LESS is MORE.

God Bless,

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