Sunday, July 10, 2011

101 Ways to Encourage Your Children

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Speaking encouraging words is so important. They lift people up and often times bring
a smile to someone's face.

Most often times the encourager is lifted up as well. It makes me happy to know that
I have brightened another's day.

It has been said that for every negative word spoken it takes ten encouraging words to
to counter that. Wow!

We know that the Bible says that "there is death and life in the power of the tongue."
That can be applied to the words that we use to encourage as well.

Positive words can bring healing to relationships and hearts. Dreams can be restored
and hope can spring up from the pit of discouragment.

When my children were small, I found a poster that listed these 101 ways to encourage
a child. I sticky-tacked it to the side of my refridgerator. The entire family
used those words to encourage one another.

Great Job * Way to go * You are so creative * Your talents never cease * Terrific
* Fantastic * You are very thoughtful * Thank you * At-a-boy/girl * I trust you
* You are a joy * Stupendous * Marvelous * You are a beautiful person *
That was gutsy * I'm so proud of you * You're a miracle * That was ambitious *
Let's try again * Let's try it together * You are generous * You're the best * Great
* You make me smile * You're a great artist * You are super * You're on your way
* I appreciate your … * You are really growing * I am so happy for you * I like the
way you handled that * Thank you for your honesty * You are not alone * Outstanding
* Congratulations * You can do it * You have a terrific sense of humor * That took
a lot of patience * You deserve it * I forgive you * You are courageous * You are
independent * Give it a try * Awesome * God loves you * You are so bright * I'm sorry
* Please join us * You're welcome * Let's go for it! * I see real improvement * You
tried your best, I can tell * Wonderful! * I see you like to explore * You're Clever *
You are my sunshine * You are perfect, just the way you are * I respect your privacy
* Great idea * That was original * I love your imagination * You're a great athlete *
I love how you sing * You are a good friend * It's ok to make mistakes * You are very
observant * Great listening skills * You are strong and healthy * You're growing up *
I have confidence in your judgement * Thanks for helping * Superstar * You're special
* You're making progress * You've discovered the secret * That's incredible * You're
unique * You've got a friend * You belong * Nothing can stop you now * You really
tried * Now you're flying * Hurray for you * How did you do that * Looking good *
You're doing it * Bingo * Well done * Bravo * I like your work * You're important *
You're a winner * Exceptional performance * You learned it right * A big hug *
A big kiss * I love you *

Your words have power!


Jedidja said...

Thanks! I am glad with this posting!

Jeff and Tamara said...

You're welcome! Blessings to you~