Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

We have had Thinking Putty in our home for about 5 years. It has been
used by all the children to help them with their fidgeting and now I have
found a new use for it.

As I use my hands a lot in playing music, I have been experiencing some
stiffness in my hands. When trying to build up speed in my mandolin picking
and remain accurate, I have come to realize that my hands are very weak.

While learning the chords and strength for finger placements, sometimes I have to
really stretch to make the chords or hit the notes.

A little history...

Crazy Aaron first created his putty back in the late 1990’s when he was building
websites in an office setting. He was inspired to develop the perfect desk toy, which
took off after he placed an order for 100 pounds of bouncing putty. He experimented
and did research for his product until he concocted a whole line of great colors and
textures. It was soon after that his co-workers began stopping by his cubicle to buy
their own tin of Thinking Putty.

When the demand for Thinking Putty outgrew what Aaron was able to make in his
mother’s basement, he moved the manufacturing to a vocational facility in suburban
Philadelphia. His company now provides jobs and teaches practical skills to
exceptional people with special needs.

When you order the putty you receive a card displaying and explaining a variety of
exercises that you can do to strengthen your hands.

I have personally made up my own exercises. You can personalize them to your
own needs. My hands have become stronger and most of the stiffness is gone
from them. Being consistent is a real key as with any exercise. I try to use it three times
a week.

It doesn't break apart much and it doesn't dry out. Though I have never experienced
a leftover mess, I did find a very small piece stuck to our living room carpet it
isn't fully "mess proof." But mostly.

If you would like to order your own, visit Amazon  or go to Crazy Aaron's Putty World
to learn more and or to order.

Have fun!

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Mikailah said...

That putty is so fun! It has a very good use as well! (now it does...) :)
Great post mommy!
I love you.