Sunday, July 31, 2011

Be Touched By the River~

8 He said to me, "This water flows out to the eastern region and goes down to
the Arabah. When it enters the sea, the sea of foul water, the water
 [of the sea] becomes fresh.

9 Every [kind of] living creature that swarms will live
wherever the river flows, and there will be a huge number of fish because this
water goes there. Since the water will become fresh, there will be life everywhere the
 river goes.

 10 Fishermen will stand beside it from En-gedi to En-eglaim.
 These will become places where nets are spread out to dry. Their fish will
 consist of many different kinds, like the fish of the Mediterranean Sea.

11 Yet its swamps and marshes will not be healed; they will be left for salt.

 12 All [kinds of] trees providing food will grow along both banks of the river.
 Their leaves will not wither, and their fruit will not fail. Each month they
will bear fresh fruit because the water [comes] from the sanctuary.
Their fruit will be used for food and their leaves
 for medicine."

Ezekiel 47:8-12


Mikailah said...

Great post, Mommy! :) He is the river of life... TRUE life. :)
Love you!

Savories of Life said...

Nice to find that you are Mikaliah's mother. I ahve nejoyed yoru daughters blog very much and incite you to follow mine.

Jeff and Tamara said...
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Jeff and Tamara said...

I am glad that you are enjoying Mikailah's blog.. she is a blessing and I am proud of her..

Blessings to you..

Anonymous said...

i too enjoy your blog. ;)

Jeff and Tamara said...

Anonymous..I am blessed that you enjoy the blog..It is meant to be uplifting and encouraging.

God bless you.