Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Post - Vacation Hello

So, here I am. We drove down the hill back into town last Thursday afternoon. It was glorious
to be back. There is some color on the distant mountain.The weather here is beautiful and
what we left was very gorgeous. In my mind, nothing compares with the fall colors of the

                                                                Queen Anne's Lace

Maple leaves turning golden....

Deer and raccoon tracks in the leftovers of a puddle...

Though it is always most heartwarming and such a joy to go and spend time with those whom I
hold close in my heart but that live far away. And having the chance to interupt my daily
routine always brings refreshing and helps me to clear away the cobwebs.

I love the way that my relationships are strengthened and clarified when I take the time and
make the effort to substantially connect with important people. And anyone that I have a
relationship with is important to me and I want them to know that. I NEED that connection and
prefer face to face communication. It's important for me to at least sometimes look into the eyes
and faces of those that I'm communicating with.

It was an awesome time and I will share some photos of my favorite moments and a few of just
SOME of my favorite people.

What a lovely palette God paints.
A bouqet gathered along the edge of the woods.
Ferns, Maple leaves, Queen Anne's Lace, Chicory, Larkspur, Chitweed,
Cat tail and leaves I can't name.....

               These are just a few of the wonderful moments that we enjoyed on our journey.
I would love to hear of special times that you have had recently.

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Jeff LeFevre said...

Such beautiful pictures! I really enjoy your posts! They are peaceful and cause me to take a minute and reflect on the simple joys and beauties of life.