Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Joy of Encouraging

We come into this world needing encouragement. From the very moment that we're born
we want to be loved and nurtured. No, it's more than a desire. We NEED it. Some more than
others. We thrive on it. It is a hunger that seems to never be satisfied.

Encouraging others is a big deal to me. I want to be one that tosses someone
a line when they feel like they're in need. Whatever that looks like. I don't like to see others
down and if I can help them in any possible way, I want to do

When I think of how much a word or a gift of encouragement means to me, it motivates me
even further. Sometimes a smile is all it takes. That's all you have time for and that's ok.

And then there are times when you have the desire and time to make something that will
say something a little more lasting. Something that can be looked at numerous times for
encouragement, a laugh or a bit of inspiration. That is how this little book of mine turned
into a major craft project. I really wanted it to give a boost!



This little token of love was so much fun and yes, it took a lot of time and effort. It was
worth every second. What better way could I spend my time? The occupation of encouragement
is one of the most noble that I can think of.  Helping people to see that there is someone who
cares is a gift itself , but it's such a joy to be able to give little gifts to people and though other
s are blessed, I feel certain that I am far more blessed in the giving of it than the recipient is in the

Maybe some of you have used your talents to make little treasures that have brought
delight and lifted the hearts of your friends and families and perhaps even strangers. I would love to hear about your creations.



Mikailah said...

This post it SO true, Mommy! Sometimes it only takes a little token of friendship to encourage someone--like a smile. :) And that book is SOOOO pretty! ;) Love you!!

Shannon Ripley said...

Oh my word! Can you please make one of those for me too!! I absolutely love your creativity and everything you put in that book is amazing!! I love to hear what Jesus is teaching you, Its like were on the same page! Gods been teaching me a lot of the same things and Its so fun to hear what your learning! I love what you did with that book. I feel like the things that take the longest time are the gifts that mean the most. That was so precious!

Tamara said...

Thank you, Mikailah! I love you, too... Mamsie~

Tamara said...

I'm blessed that you liked the book and the words. It's encouraging to know that you are reading and finding a bit of a connection. It's so helpful to know that we're not alone. Your comment was so sweet and encourag-ing. Thank you!