Friday, May 8, 2015

Having Fun With Paper Flowers

Making paper flowers is something 
that has interested me for a long time.

It always looked so fun to try
and the results can be stunning!

 There are so many ways to 
share them. I have been gathering 
pins and even bought a book. I hadn't tried 
any of those yet but was
 was looking up some paper resources.
If you've never heard of 
it's a link worth checking out.
Paper.. Paper.. Paper.. but a
wonderful resource that isn't limited
to paper and their 
prices are very reasonable!

And as I was doing some blog-hopping,
I was so inspired by Miss Vanessa's
flower post as well! 
If you've never visited 
A Fanciful Twist,
you're in for a real treat! 
She's such a sweet lady full of 
inspiration and whimsical fun! 

I sure had a fun time yesterday 
just trying some different things.
I began to try to imagine some different
touches to the Mother's
Day baskets that I'm putting together 
for my two oldest daughters.

I am on a quest to try to give 
others the feeling that they are 
Over-The-Top-Amazing, Cherished
and that their presence in my life
is worthy of celebrating!
I don't always do a very 
a very good job. But I'm
working on it. I guess that's always 
a good place to start! 

They are such special
mothers AND daughters. 
I'm so grateful
that they're in my life.
I feel so honored and privileged
to be called their Mother.

One is mine by adoption
and the other is mine by birth but there is
no separation in my heart between the two.
 I really wanted to do something 
a little extra-special for them~
Here's a little thought about tutorials.
I'm not very good at them. 
(I always feel guilty because I don't do them.
Especially, when I read others who 
do such a beautiful job!)
Also, if it's not a difficult technique, 
I feel that people are very clever and 
have their own ways of figuring 
things out. I am, of course, always
glad to answer any questions that
any of you may have!

Another reason is that I am trying to 
just manage posting! My little grand-
daughters are here for three days,
which I absolutely love,
but it leaves little time for 
posting in general! :) 
We have a very large family..
all the way around..
Siblings, children and grandchildren
and it keeps me very busy!

I hope that your week has been wonderful!
I have been catching up after our 
Anniversary Celebration.
I will share a few photos next week.

Tomorrow I hope to share the baskets and more thoughts on Mother's Day~

Thank you so much for visiting.
It really means a lot.

Tamara XO

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Stephanie said...

Hello sweet friend! Your paper flowers are simply lovely! I really like the last one :)

I, too, love making flowers whether they are fabric or paper. Wouldn't it be grand to get together and create flowers one afternoon :)

May you have a beautiful and blessed Mother's Day! Hugs to you!