Saturday, May 9, 2015

Thrift Store Baskets to Treasure-Filled Mother's Day Gifts

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday..
Many of us went to breakfast this morning
at our favorite place. 
Trail Riders.
They make a breakfast like
none I've ever had.
Huevos Rancheros
Beans and shredded beef
cooked together and smothered with
green chili sauce and cheddar,
annnd... topped with eggs..
And THEN it's broiled to perfection!
It was a delicious meal with
wonderful family fellowship!
I really love time like that together.

It's a very cool weekend in the White
Mountains. It even snowed a bit this morning.
 I did some watering and took a breezy walk.
In spite of the weather,
I wanted to "play outside".
It's probably my need to have some quiet
after so much fun and frolicking
with our grand daughters.

I hope your weekend has been enjoyable.

I wanted to share the baskets that I
made for my beautiful, sweet 
daughters. They are the loveliest of
women. Mothers who nurture and teach
they're children with the utmost care.
They truly give their all
to their children.

The baskets were 
bought at thrift stores. I painted the 
one teal and the other was already a 
pretty green. This is for the 
daughter that has recently gotten
 engaged and wants this color 
for her wedding! And so I left it and did
a shabby chic 
embellishment with some of my 
hand-made flowers.
This lovely cookbook was discovered on 
Vanessa's blog...

She did a review and baked many of the 
items in the cookbook.
They are dreamy and magical
to look at and I wanted to taste each
one as I read her post! I
ordered mine from
(I love cake and can't wait
to try some of the recipies! I bought one for myself, too ;)

Here's a poem for our children.

What More?

Could any mother wish for more?
I stand beside my open door.
And look out on a world so grand,
And yet confused on ev'ry hand.
I wonder what the future holds
For you, my child, as the scene unfolds,
And in my heart there is just one prayer,
"May God go with you everywhere."

There are many things I could wish for you,
And some of them might even come true;
But I won't build castles that crumble and fall,
For that would never do at all.
Dreams are made of such gossamer stuff
That they vanish at even the slightest puff;
And so, in my heart there's just one prayer,
"May God go with you everywhere."

Phyllis C. Michael

Thank you always for
taking the time to come by.

If you're a mom to someone or
in a mother's place, it's a special role. If you 
are caring for, giving to and nurturing someone, then...
you have the heart of a mother and
 I wish you all the .......
Most Blessed and Happy Mother's Day!

Tamara xo


Stephanie said...

You have prettied up your baskets in the most delightful way, dear Tamara! I just love how you added fabric flowers to the front. And the gifts inside the baskets are simply lovely!

May you have a wonderful Mother's Day, sweet friend. Hugs!

Junkchiccottage said...

Tamara your gift baskets are so pretty. Love the flowers you added. Great gifts inside too. I will have to see if I can find that cook book. Sounds like some good recipes are in there. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Christine said...

Precious gift baskets made with love! What could be sweeter? You have adorned them so beautifully and oh the delights they hold!
Thank you for sharing and showing us your creativity!

Jeff LeFevre said...

Those Huevos Rancheros are amazing. One of the things I love about the Southwest! Beautiful baskets my love. You are soooo talented! I really love that poem to!