Friday, May 15, 2015

Sharing Adventures and Passions Through A Series

Hello everyone. 
I hope you've had a wonderful week. 
Today, I'd like to tell you about
 something that I'm adding to my blogging.
 I had mentioned it
in my Grow Your Blog post.

It's going to be a little bit
different than I had
originally stated and intended. 
I want to begin to share
more of my 
inspirations and passions
in my very blessed everyday life.

 But I didn't want to do it in 
 random way.
I always felt like it all needed
to be connected somehow.
Like on a page. 
I had mentioned pages but have been 
unsure how to create 
it the way I wanted. 
And so, instead of publishing pages, 
I'm going to share the different 
subjects in an on-going series format.

I don't know exactly how many but
there will be several and 
I will do my best to make them 
inspiring and interesting!
Things that I dream about and 
see and work at.

On-going projects.
(And as always
the loveliness of life!) 

 I've decided to give them
 some fun names. Here are a
couple that I've decided on:

 ~Our Wanderings: Travel

~ The Ladybug Chronicles: Nature Findings

~ A Woodland Gypsy Camp:  Building A Place to
Play and Party 

~The Shabby Gypsy: Growing the Business  

I already have an Art Inspiration series.  
 There will be one about our music.
The music that I and my 
family enjoand play for ourselves and 
sometimes share with others.
 I haven't chosen a name 
for that yet. And of course, I will continue
with the craft and art projects as well.

Each post will be proceeded by the series 
name to make it easier for folks to
recognize what the post
will pertain to. Doing this
 will help me organize my writings
and hopefully make it easier for
 others to follow along
if they would like to.

I hope that this all makes sense
and will make my blog a more useful 
and inspiring place to visit!

The first series to begin is 
Our Wanderings: Travel.
I'll be sharing some photos from 
our recent anniversary trip 
to San Francisco. What a time we had.
Unforgettable and perfect!

And soon to follow is 
The Ladybug Chronicles as
I begin to share about our three little
cotton tail bunnies that my daughter and
I are raising. They are just 
thee cutest things!  :)
It's Friday.
Which at our house means 
Movie Night! 
We pop real popcorn,
 slice apples and cheese and
 then grab the box of wheat crackers
and Hot-n-Spicey Cheez-its...
 enjoy a movie or two together
and sleep in on Saturday morning.
This has been our tradition 
for 28 years!

I'd love to hear about a tradition of yours!
Thank you so much for stopping by.

Blessings and hugs,

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Jeff LeFevre said...

I love your idea to seperate your posts into subjects. I can't wait to see them and I live with you every day! My blessing!