Tuesday, April 12, 2016

a Rocky Mountain bower of blossoms ... and Bluebird songs

Hello lovelies

clusters and clusters of these sweet, 
beautiful blossoms have created 
a bower of goodness over our humble garden
 area outside our door

fuchsia and white with tiny splashes of yellow

the bees are humming and buzzing about madly 
trying to get to each blossom

it's the musical sound of nature filling the air
and the aroma is SO sweet

don't you just love the
 the wonder of it all and just
stopping now and then to take it all in?

it reminds me of a song I sing..

"I've been watching the sunrise,
I've been listening to the rain.
I've been taking my sweet time and
letting the blue skies carry me away."

I love this time of year 
as the scents and sounds of nature surround us
 here at the foot of Flat Top mountain..

as harsh as it is sometimes, 
I still love being here
 anthers and anthers of sunshiny yellow!
 it's easy to see why the bees 
are buzzing about so madly
I hope this finds you well
what have you been doing?

this morning I was busy planting lilies and dividing
some hens and chicks
it was a deliciously cool 40 degrees
I was thankful for the warm fire in the stove when I came in!

I've also been
working on the rock pathway and buying some lovely
star lanterns for the gypsy camp
you can see them here
transplanting herbs
(trying desperately to grow some green!)

now that I've finished learning Rocky Mountain High
 on the guitar, I'm enjoying playing it often

do you enjoy playing music?

here are some blue bird photos that I thought
 you might enjoy

I was so excited to be able to capture the 
Mountain Bluebird and the Western Bluebird
in the same photo!
(these beauties are one of the reasons that 
I love living in the mountains) 
 a Mountain Bluebird in flight
if you'd like to hear the Mountain Bluebird song, click here
 a sweet pair
and to hear the Western Bluebird song, click here

I hope that you enjoyed your visit!
thank you ever so much for stopping in

I hope that your day is a joyous one
I'll be sipping some tea, taking a walk
and working on a project

Blessings to you all


Kezzie said...

The bluebirds are just beautiful!!!! I love Rocky Mountain- I taught my year 4's to play and sing it!!!
The blossoms are exquisite, ours aren't quite here yet so thanks for sharing!x

Roosterhead Designs said...

Lovely lovely blossoms everywhere Tamara! Gorgeous photo's; thanks so much for sharing~
And the Mountain Bluebird?!? Gorgeous shots of these beauties.
And the Western as well. What a sight to see! You live in a gorgeous area friend : ) Blessings to you and enjoy your time w/fam~ Karen O

Kathy said...

Such lovely pictures. It is still brown and at times snowy around here. I just put the fire on because it is so cold in this house. I hope I get to see blooms and birds soon. It's supposed to get warm the end of the week so I hope so. How charming that you got two different bluebirds in the same picture! I never knew there were different kinds.

My thrift store addiction said...

Love your gorgeous blossom photos and the bluebirds are too sweet!

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

Wow, what beautiful birds and so many in one spot. I love all your blossoms, such beautiful signs of Spring. Enjoy the rest of your week!

handmade by amalia said...

I love spring and it seems to be extra pretty this year. Your blossoms and birds are wonderful, the very best of the season.

Lace Age Girl said...

Wow, Tamara, what a lovely post! I love all those blossoms, and I can just hear the bees humming. And what exquisite blue birds, you are so lucky to be able to photograph them. We have tiny blue wrens here in Australia, but they are so quick and shy it's hard to get close enough for a decent photo. Your star lanterns will be a great addition to the atmosphere for your gypsy camp. Have a beautiful week. :)

Tamara said...

Thank you all so much for stopping in to say hello and for your lovely comments. I have been out of town and and a m a little behind! The birds are my favorites and the apricot tree was ever-so-lovely this spring! Blessings to you all..

Tamara <3