Monday, April 18, 2016

Denim Hair Flowers for Spring.. And a Little History

I hope that you feel beautiful today because you are!
  One of a kind with special talents and an inner-beauty that is
unique to you.
Your story is special. 

I'm just learning this myself and learning how
 to really love myself.
It's slowly changing my life!
Not comparing.
Not doubting.
But just moving forward in the hope, 
inspiration and beauty of it all!
I used to think it was a little late.
But it's never too late to learn who you are, 
listen to your heart and follow those whispers.


I have a bouquet of hair flowers to show you today. 
I was inspired to make them from my pile of worn, denim jeans. 
I love the look of anything made with denim. 

Dress is up or dress it down~

All of those different shades... 
And I love how denim is timeless!
 It's one of those styles that
crosses over into every generation
and has for decades.
To read some history about denim you can go here.
I find it fascinating!

Some materials that I used..
old shirts
yo-yo flowers
rhinestone cabachons
acrylic paint
flower dies from sissix
hot glue
craft glue

As you can see, I just layered co-ordinating pieces.
I did some edgings with glitter and dabbed a bit
of matching acrylic paint on some of the petals.
 I don't have a photo of the finished back.
I'm sorry.. I am a quirky blogger and sometimes forget to be thorough in my photo process :/ 
I'll try to do better!

To keep in the hair, 
I attached the double pronged alligator clip. 
Click here to watch a tutorial on how to line your clip.
This isn't a necessary step, however, it gives your
finished bow or flower a clean, professional appearance.
 I made these to sell and so I had to make a way to display them.
I used a piece of wired, burlap ribbon that you can find in
most craft stores. I attached it to this plastic ring that I had.
I glued some white ribbon on the sides to decorate it a bit
and it was finished! It was perfect for attaching my flowers to.
 The photos also show some little felt
hair-flowers. They are SO easy to make! 
Don't they look like mums? I'm sorry I don't have a
photo how-to for these but they are so super easy 
that I can explain the process.

Decide what size you would like to make. These are 
about 2 1/2 inches wide. Cut a felt rectangle about
3 inches wide and 7-8 inches long. 
Fold this in half length-wise and then cut small strips about 3/4
inch through on the fold. This makes the petals. Take care 
not to cut all the way through.
Then just roll this slowly while gluing it as you go.
It makes a lovely mum!

These were all fun to make. Sometimes I just get inspired to make something from my pile of jeans. I've given some to my
grand daughters at times.
Do you have spring plans?
To take a trip or work on a project? 
Maybe it's time to garden or do your spring cleaning.

We're preparing for a trip. I'll share 
more about that later this week.

I hope that your Monday is wonderful. 

Thank you so much for stopping in! I always
appreciate your visits and your comments so much.

Tamara xo

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Kezzie said...

They are brilliant Tamara!!! What a good use of some old jeans!!

Roosterhead Designs said...

Hi Tamara,
I was so happy to see your wonderful and inspiring post dear friend~
This is such a great idea! and I was thrilled to see you've used a die (tattered flowers) I already have! Wahooo : ) My granddaughters would flip over these.
And look at all the clever and unique ideas; each clip is soo different.
My favorite denim one is where you used the belt loops! (I think that's what you did:) So smart and fun.
Thanks for sharing; both the photos/ideas AND the encouragement too Tamara. I soaked it up~
Blessings to you! Karen O

Tamara said...

Thank you Kezzie! Denim is so versatile. Best wishes for your week! xo

Tamara said...

You're welcome Karen.. These were so much fun to make and I love the tattered flowers die! One of my favs. Denim is such a great go to for so many projects and they're so easy to come by. And yes those are belt loops. That's one of my favorites too! Thank you for coming by. Blessings to you too!

Tamara <3

Art and Sand said...

Thanks for sharing your fun flowers with SYC.