Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Mix of Fall Blessings~ in Photos

 A warm hello to you on this crisp, fall day. 
I am so grateful for so many reasons.
I try to keep my blog pretty upbeat as I feel there is
always hope and much to celebrate. 

May I say that I have much more hope for our 
country today than I did yesterday.

I understand that politics are very personal but I must say that
I am thankful for the turn out of our presidential election.
Without sharing details, I feel that there is much to be 
thankful for in our country.
And one of those is freedom. 

And you may have heard about the incident involving the shooting of
an AZ police officer and the taking of a 15 year old hostage.
 My son in law is a highway patrolman and was called to assist in the situation.
My 13 year old granddaughter was in the area as well. 
We are 45 miles from where it took place.
And I am just so very thankful for their safe return.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of
the police officer who lost his life. 
He was due to retire in two weeks.
I appreciate the multitudes of brave men and women
who work so hard and sacrifice so much to protect us.

Thank you for bearing with me. It's good to be positive and uplifting
but sometimes the real world needs and circumstances call for our attention.

I have many photos to share with you today.
I hope you enjoy your visit. 

Below is a golden hour walk through the Sugartree woods.
Such beauties in nature. 
The warmth and brilliant color I find in this woodland world
sometimes takes my breath away,
The path that I share with the deer and other wild animals.
Have you ever read Walden by Henry David Thoreau?
It's very fascinating and thought provoking. When I am surrounded by such
beauty in nature, it makes me think of his long walks and obsession with
the outdoors and the simple life.
 Are you familiar with Sweet Stock?
They are some of my favorites. A few years ago, I planted some here but they didn't
do well. The plants were growing in the planter from mid summer but I didn't know what they were. The foliage looked somewhat like Petunias. I let them grow as I
can never pull anything that could be a flower! 

My patience paid off and when I returned from Ohio, 
these beauties were there to greet me! Oh they smell so heavenly and have 
the prettiest, old-fashioned looking blooms! I do hope that they continue
 to come back and grace my yard with their loveliness.
 Here are a few shots from The Narrows in New Mexico.
 Such majestic and gorgeous formations. 
 I made many new kitty friends while in Ohio. This sweet fellow came to 
visit me during my quiet times in the Sugartree gypsy camp.
The others were all met while shopping. 
They were sort of store greeters! There were three in all. 
It was so charming to have them follow 
me around while I shopped.
Do you enjoy backroads?
I do. 
Honestly, this is one of my favorite things about being
in Ohio. Such rustic charm and it's so peaceful.
I have so many girlhood memories of dirt roads.
Picking wildflowers and visiting neighbors.
I road my horse, walked and bicycled for miles all over the countryside.
My wanderings began when I was about 10 years old and
I love to wander still~
Here we are back in AZ.
 This is the last of the tomatoes and I had some fun with
gathering herbs and flowers around the yard to make this arrangement.
Aren't nature and gardening glorious?
And so beautiful how they blend together in perfect harmony.
I have been working every spare minute that I can on Christmas
offerings to sell and give away. I have also
been working on some pie pumpkins to give as gifts.

The past two weekends were so fun as we had the kids over for a 
big breakfast with all the fixins and fried apples too!
It was a lovely time.  We also had a fall party one evening.
It was complete with a bonfire, with the gypsy camp trails all aglow
with white and orange twinkle lights and caramel apples for dessert.

We adults played some music and sang around the fire while the kids
ran the lighted trails like wild Indians!
It was VERY chilly but so fun!

I hope you've been enjoying your autumn. 
I'd love to hear about  what you've been doing.

Thanksgiving is just a round the corner!
I have a simple project to share next time.

Have a wonderful week and thank you for your visit.
You are all so special and I appreciate you so much!



suziqu's thread works said...

I so enjoyed my wanderings through your post today Tamara! I live in a sort of similar environment and feel totally blessed to be able to enjoy so much beauty around me as you do there.
Thank you for sharing these and knowing that your son and family were safe from that sad incident!

Stephanie said...

My dear, lovely friend, thank you for such a beautiful post. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing your delightful pictures.

Thank you for sharing, dear one. Have a glorious Thursday! Love and hugs!

Kezzie said...

I really enjoyed this writing! Your photos are full of vitality and beauty and your writing full of hope, how could I fail to be inspired by it. God bless you Tamara x

Junkchiccottage said...

Hello my friend. Loved seeing all your pretty fall pictures. You capture nature at it's best. Sorry about the tragic shooting of the police officer. These tragic events are becoming too common of late. Just keep praying our country will begin a new and better journey with this new president. Happy Friday. Have a wonderful week end.

Patricia Krank said...

Thank you for all the beautiful photos Tamara. I love how you pulled your garden produce together into a stunning arrangement. Beautiful!
Like you, I have new hope for the future of our country and pray that God will bless and heal our land. I'm sorry about the police shooting and know it must have been hard on your family. We support our police and appreciate their families too.
Wish I were your neighbor. I would've invited myself to your bonfire. Maybe when/if our patio gets done we will have outdoor parties here as well.
Blessings friend,

Lynn Stevens said...

Beautiful photos, Thank you for sharing your lifting post.
Hugs Lynn

Dorthe said...

Hello Tamara,
Such a beautiful post, for us. It is an amazing nature surrounding you, and your photos are stunning. Your gorgeous "bouquet" of tomatoes ,herbs and flowers, is bringing light and sun to me, here in grey and rainy Denmark. Thank you, dear.