Thursday, November 3, 2016

Decor Easily Crafted from Your Garden

Hello and happy November!

It has been a wonderful start to my day.
It's raining.
 That's always a treat!
Burly, our black cat, is laying all cozy on the rug next to
the woodstove and he looks up at me
with sleepy eyes and meows as if to say 
"thank you for the warm fire."

Don't you love it when your animals are all
happy and cozy? It warms my heart.

I've been outside a couple of times this morning
to grab wood for the fire. 
I do love the smell of the rain-soaked earth and leaves.

I have candles lit all over the house to add some light and warmth
 to this wonderfully chilly and cloudy day.
The window is slightly opened so I can hear the raindrops
hitting the metal roof. The tea pot is whistling to let me know that
I can pour it's boiling, steamy goodness in a cup now.

The laundry is in and I have my tea and can now sit down
 and write to you on this fine day!
I do hope you've had a good week. 

On to my post content...

Do you like using natural findings in your decor?
Sticks.. rocks.. bark.. dried flowers or even pretty, native grasses.
These are garlic seed heads. I thought that they would look pretty 
painted gold and put in a pitcher or a jar. 
I love how you can see the tiny black seeds inside.
I had this spray paint on hand and I appreciate the quality. It came from a florist.
I hope you don't mind my sweet, pet photo bombs! 
They are so curious and often nearby when I'm working.
Here are the seed heads drying.
Do you think they're pretty?
And here they are. There are so many different ways that one could display them.
I'm thinking that they would also adorn a gift very nicely. 


Have yoou been thinking about and planning for the holidays?
Are you working on any special projects?
I have finished my angel that I mentioned awhile ago and will
share that with you soon. I'm just finishing up some glittery, 
sheet music ornaments.

It's sort of a mixed time of year for many.
If you like making gifts or crafts to sell, one really has to begin 
several months ahead. There are already 
Christmas Bizarres and craft shows happening! 
And if you want to plan special outings, they really have to
be planned in advance or you may not get a ticket!

I have been making some plans for a special outing before
Christmas. I am so excited about this surprise!

My youngest daughter, Mikailah celebrated her
20th birthday last month. This trip will be an extension of her celebration
since we were traveling and also since we have decided to
dedicate the WHOLE birthday month to celebrating each one.

It am thrilled!

We will go on special outings that relate to their interests,
 have dinners, give gifts and just show them special appreciation 
with notes and cards. Don't you love celebrating the
 special people in your life?
That would be near the top of my list of favorite things! 
It's so fun~

This evening, I'm taking my husband to see
(Nov. is his birthday month)
It's a very serious movie and not easy to watch.
There is much loss.
But for many, the ending is miraculous and it's very well done.

Whatever you're doing, I wish you joy and wonder for your day.
Thank you for your visit.



krishna said...

it is a very clever idea.. I love the it turned out..

Please visit:

Junkchiccottage said...

This is super clever and pretty Tamara. I cannot wait to see your angel. Have a great weekend.

white and vintage said...

Oh, yes, I like natural findings in my deko. What a nice idea to colour them golden.

Monica said...

These are very beautiful, Tamara!
These past weekend I wanted to spray paint in gold my dried hydrangeas from last year, as the colors has faded... But then noticed that I had run short of gold spray paint :(and just had silver... which I don't like very much for my home as I have golden details here and there.
In the past, I've painted dried pumpkins, pinecones, holly and branches of all kind in gold- it's one of my favorite ways to make things fresh and new. Love that you do the same!
Monica xoxo

Dorthe said...

Hello Tamara,
and thank you for your kind comment on my blog, so lovely of you.
Your photos here are so beautiful, ans I don`t think I have ever seen that big seed heads from garlic , they are gorgeous, and also in gold, for the winter season now. Sweet cats you have, too :-) I love dried and nature findings, and often use them for my creations.
Have a lovely weekend.